I saw another dress that I love(d) for the Ball.  I wanted to see if there is another color that I can go to instead of Signal Orange.  I saw a Sapphire dress that I absolutely LOVED!!  It was just that gorgeous that I was thinking about running home and returning the orange one.  Something told me to try on the blue one just to make sure I was right on the size.  I got the 8…the bottom was fitting just fine.  I was stoked, then we come to the top of the dress.  No way the 8 would fit over the boobs.  That is okay…I will get the 10…still no luck.  The zipper part on my back was miles away.  Okay….a 12.  Surely a 12…the bottom part of the dress was too big and I still had miles on the top part.  Unless I broke my sternum no way would the boobs let me zip it up.  14. Grr.  Now the bottom part of the dress was extremely big (at this point I had decided that getting this particular dress was not an option…it had become a principle thing) 16. Nope.  18…I didn't even see an 18 in the dress…there was no way that I was putting that on.  The designers of these dresses need to realize that everyone is not pear shaped.  I think the top part was cut small (B cup at least) and only the bottom was getting bigger.  My husband didn't understand why I was flipping about the size 16 or 18…um, Dude!  All this work that I have been doing I refuse to wear anything that big.  My mind just won't accept it…

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