Back To Regular Programming…

It has been awhile since I have posted. Seeing as though I have “serious problems” and all. Damn it all…that Jerk makes me want to grab my antidepresants…it isn’t enough that I am dealing with the fact that I will once again be a single mother again. Hubby is leaving for the Sandbox soon. AND dealing with the ultra hormonal teens in the house…I get this person sitting back and judging me. Damn.
Okay…time to focus…just hadn’t had a dick comment in a long time.
Tiko and Tequila are getting along just fine. I think they have become friends. The kids are really getting a kick out of them. I guess all the cat needed was a friend. I wasn’t expecting him to get chummy with a dog…but it is one of those things.
The Girl’s room was cleaned today and that was an experience all by itself. I also discovered if your son is telling he is taking apart some computers then that means he will be taking apart the old ones and the one that works. I will be sitting around tomorrow trying to put it back together. He told me that I didn’t specify that he couldn’t take apart the one that works. Oy Vey!
There is a Ball in two weeks so I will be working extra hard to look good in whatever dress I decide to wear. I hope to get some good pictures if we decide to actually go…
I am hungry so I will leave for right now. I am not sure how long it will be before I post again…that crap really bugged me.

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