Cats and Dogs Living Together…

…No I am not talking about the husband and myself…:D. I decided that I would take Tiko D. Pug for a year while my brother and his family live in a house that doesn’t accept pets. It is weird…I have officially become a cat person. I haven’t had a dog since my poodle, April. I had her for many years until I had the boy and she tried to eat him like she did all her stuffed animals. The result…April had to go. That was almost 15 years ago and now I have a pug in my house. And a cat. I expected to see the fur flying but that isn’t the case. They seem to get along. Tiko is walking behind Tequila sniffing his butt or his lack of balls. I am not sure which…but it is funny to watch. The cat looks indignant and Tiko looks clueless when Tequila swipes at him. I think they are becoming friends although I suspect the dog is confused about the cat. I think he is in love. The reason I am writing about this is because I caught the cat trying to “clean” Tiko. he was licking the dog. The dog sheds…no wonder the damned cat is coughing up monster furballs. I am thinking the cat is trying to prove that he is the Alpha male in the house. Yes, they are both boys. So it is kind of a funny relationship. I will have to watch them closely…:D

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