I swear my daughter is an alien.  That is the only thing that will explain why she is so evil and hateful towards her brother and me.  It is getting to the point that I am about to slap the crap out of her.  I know, I knowit is PMS, but damn.  Having PMS does not give you the right to be a mini bitch on wheels like she has been.  That child has to be tired of seeing her room on a constant basis.  That is where she is the majority of the time since I send her there every time she gets mouthy.  This morning I wanted to choke herbut decided against it since I have to go to work and killing your children is frowned upon.  She used to be kind and sweetnow she is an alien.  I dont recognize this child.  I cant wait for this phase to end.

Tomorrow we will be going to the eye doctor because the child is blind.  She had glasses and now she doesnt.  I think someone broke them and now she is hiding the evidence.  That will be another battle because she wants contacts and I dont think she is ready for that yet.  She can barely keep her room clean, her body clean, take care of the animals, etcI dont think she would take care of contacts.  I will consider thisonly after see how she treats her new glasses.

I need to get some work done on my desk.  I will be online later on when I get home.  I will be back later



  1. Rebecca says:

    Unless she has become a TOTALLY different person then she was a short year ago… she is SO not ready for contacts. SO NOT READY. I would hate to hear she permanently scarred her eyes by improperly caring for them.

  2. Robin says:

    Do you know my kid or what?? I know as well that she is not ready to put anything in her eye. Hell, she can’t handle Neosporin on a cut. 😀 😀 You could be second Mom to her. She asks about you alot…I am thinking about you as well.

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