A little annoyed…

I am more than a little annoyed, actually. You can’t help who you fall in love with…but there are some people that just cannot get that concept. I was reading on a forum and they were talking about bi-racial relationships. The ignorance that was posted is UNREAL. I am Black and my husband is Hispanic. I did not wake up one morning and said “Gee, I want children with GOOD hair so I will date outside my race.” That seems to be the theme at this forum. Many people spouting things like “Light-skinned blacks will date someone other than black to have red children/children with good hair/children that look white.” My children may have “good” hair (btw…what makes hair good or bad?? Try combing The Girl’s hair in the morning and that good and bad hair thing will fly out of the window) but they look far from white and they know their heritage. They also said “People in bi-racial relationships are ashamed of who they are.” Bullshit. They are proud of their heritage just like I am. I have never tried to pass for anything other than what I am. Just because I don’t wear a sign on my back that says African Americn Here don’t mean that there is something wrong with me. Dating outside of your race means dating outside the Human Race. My husband may act like a DOG but I can attest that he is of the human species. I was pissed. It goes back to you can’t help who you love. I would be considered one of those “light-skinned” people that they are talking about and trust me there was no ulterior motive the day that I met my husband. I just thought he was cool. I wish that people would grow up…but you know ignorance is everywhere. It even shows its ass on a forum based on music.




  1. lisamechelle says:

    You speaketh the truth, Robin!!! But ignorance abounds, and those people aren’t worth your anger. I’ve given up trying to change the world. All I get is frustrated. People believe what they chose to believe. I’m 100% behind you!

  2. Tatiana says:

    Ignorant and narrow minded people. No point fighting back, no point even in getting upset. They know their “truth”…
    Thinking about you

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