May Day!!

Today is my Baby Girls Birthday14 years old.  I now have two 14 year olds in the house.  The Boy doesnt turn 15 until July 4th.  I can still remember bringing her home.  We nicknamed her Rosie because she was so pink as a baby.  I still see them that way, it is amazing how quickly the years go byhow much they grow.  I want to take her out to dinner, but that depends on whether she wants to go out anywhere.  I know she wants a party of some sort.  As soon as I get some money together I will surprise her with something.  She wants to go and see Silent Hill so I am going to drag her butt down there tonight.  Since it is Monday, I am hoping that there arent that many people in the theater. (edited to add: JUST RECEIVED A CALL FROM THE SCHOOL. LOOKS LIKE THE PLANS FOR THE GIRL WILL BE CALLED OFF, DAMN!)  Speaking of moviesI saw Hostel.  It wasnt really scary, just GROSS.  I think they should show that movie as a training film for the soldiers that are stationed in Europe.  If you have seen the movieit really is like that in Amsterdam, and although it was fiction the danger is real.  Hostel should help the soldiers that go out on a sneepur hunt.  Sometimes getting some isnt the most important thing  and it could really be dangerous for you.  😀  If you like grossthen see the movie.  I think the guy who plays Ali G is the director of this film.  I am not sure about that, but it really looks like him.

I am still kicking ass with Atkins.  I am no longer on induction levels with the carbs.  Since I am a special thyroid person and on medication I am upping my carb intake.  It is still workingI am losing inches like crazy.  Yesterday someone asked me if I was in a size 6.  That was really nice to hear and just this morning I actually LOOKED at myself and I can see the difference.  It really feels good to be closer to my fighting weight again.  I think I need about 20-25 more pounds before I am finished.  My plan is to take it off really slow so no one will notice and complain that I am losing too fast.  I am in control of the eating for the first time in a long time.  I think I looked tired and sad because of my diet (as well as the drama I was going through) in Germany.  I was eating lots of bread and butter, lots of gravy and breaded meats, copious amounts of beer and liquor.  It is amazing that they dont have a problem with diabetes from the amount of white flour/sugar/beer they digest on a daily basis. 

I am posting from work and I have some things to take care of on my desk.  I will be back later.

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