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I saw another dress that I love(d) for the Ball.  I wanted to see if there is another color that I can go to instead of Signal Orange.  I saw a Sapphire dress that I absolutely LOVED!!  It was just that gorgeous that I was thinking about running home and returning the orange one.  Something told me to try on the blue one just to make sure I was right on the size.  I got the 8…the bottom was fitting just fine.  I was stoked, then we come to the top of the dress.  No way the 8 would fit over the boobs.  That is okay…I will get the 10…still no luck.  The zipper part on my back was miles away.  Okay….a 12.  Surely a 12…the bottom part of the dress was too big and I still had miles on the top part.  Unless I broke my sternum no way would the boobs let me zip it up.  14. Grr.  Now the bottom part of the dress was extremely big (at this point I had decided that getting this particular dress was not an option…it had become a principle thing) 16. Nope.  18…I didn't even see an 18 in the dress…there was no way that I was putting that on.  The designers of these dresses need to realize that everyone is not pear shaped.  I think the top part was cut small (B cup at least) and only the bottom was getting bigger.  My husband didn't understand why I was flipping about the size 16 or 18…um, Dude!  All this work that I have been doing I refuse to wear anything that big.  My mind just won't accept it…

Back to Work!!

Yep…I am back and seriously I missed being here.  It is nice to be home for a couple of days, but since I am NOT rich…work is where I need to be.  I am being asked a million questions (I was supposed to be at a wedding, but finances prevented that) and I am deftly ignoring them.  I am not speaking with a forked tongue since I am not answering people.  There was a Case Lot sale last weekend and I didn't want to be bothered with being a cashier.  There are times when I mind cashiering and during a Case Lot sale is one of those times that I mind
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Off To The Gym

…since the Gym is free these days.  I swear I seem to take one step forward and then two steps back.  I hope June is a better month for me financially… Sheez! 
The Ball is in two weeks and I am afraid to go to the store to see what size I am wearing these days.  I know that as long as you look nice in the damned thing it shouldn't matter what size you are in…but seriously, I have been working hard to get back into shape.  I don't want to see any teens on the tag in the back.  So I am going to work and sweat like a slave just to see a single digit on my dress. 
i have a date with the Elliptical today so I will be back after I get my workout in….

Who is Tequlia and Tiko??

They are the other lights of my lives.  Tequila is a yellow tabby that I rescued from the pound.  He is a lover and cannot go down stairs.  He falls everytime.  Hence the name Tequila…he acts like he has been drinking alot of that stuff. 
Tequila The Lover!!
Tiko is a Pug.  His Official name is Tiko D. Pug.  My brother asked me to take care of him because they could not take him with them to their new home.  He is best friends with Tequila and I am glad that he is here.
 Tiko D. Pug
Now you can see who I am speaking of when I am referring to Tequila or Tiko…


Yes I have moved again.  I am tired of dealing with Blogger…plus I like WordPress a lot more.  The Blogger account will be deleted (I have imported my entries so you will know what the hell I am talking about).  Only a few people will know where I am and I like that just fine.  I just need to get my blogroll imported and all will be finished.  Just couldn't deal with everyone being able to read everything that I write…at least I will have some privacy when I want it…

Back To Regular Programming…

It has been awhile since I have posted. Seeing as though I have “serious problems” and all. Damn it all…that Jerk makes me want to grab my antidepresants…it isn’t enough that I am dealing with the fact that I will once again be a single mother again. Hubby is leaving for the Sandbox soon. AND dealing with the ultra hormonal teens in the house…I get this person sitting back and judging me. Damn.
Okay…time to focus…just hadn’t had a dick comment in a long time.
Tiko and Tequila are getting along just fine. I think they have become friends. The kids are really getting a kick out of them. I guess all the cat needed was a friend. I wasn’t expecting him to get chummy with a dog…but it is one of those things.
The Girl’s room was cleaned today and that was an experience all by itself. I also discovered if your son is telling he is taking apart some computers then that means he will be taking apart the old ones and the one that works. I will be sitting around tomorrow trying to put it back together. He told me that I didn’t specify that he couldn’t take apart the one that works. Oy Vey!
There is a Ball in two weeks so I will be working extra hard to look good in whatever dress I decide to wear. I hope to get some good pictures if we decide to actually go…
I am hungry so I will leave for right now. I am not sure how long it will be before I post again…that crap really bugged me.

It takes…

…a jerk. Because of said jerk I have decided to make it so only registered users can comment on my blog. I hate Anon Posters…It was great that “Bob” left his name but I have no way of commenting back to him. I just love the unsolicited advice that I have received. It has opened my eyes. It took 36 years for my eyes to be opened. Ya know, Bob… I am aware that my husband and I need counseling…shit I have been saying that all along. But to say you are going to send what I write to my children…??? DO YOU KNOW ME LIKE THAT??
Gee…thanks Bob for making my day.

Cats and Dogs Living Together…

…No I am not talking about the husband and myself…:D. I decided that I would take Tiko D. Pug for a year while my brother and his family live in a house that doesn’t accept pets. It is weird…I have officially become a cat person. I haven’t had a dog since my poodle, April. I had her for many years until I had the boy and she tried to eat him like she did all her stuffed animals. The result…April had to go. That was almost 15 years ago and now I have a pug in my house. And a cat. I expected to see the fur flying but that isn’t the case. They seem to get along. Tiko is walking behind Tequila sniffing his butt or his lack of balls. I am not sure which…but it is funny to watch. The cat looks indignant and Tiko looks clueless when Tequila swipes at him. I think they are becoming friends although I suspect the dog is confused about the cat. I think he is in love. The reason I am writing about this is because I caught the cat trying to “clean” Tiko. he was licking the dog. The dog sheds…no wonder the damned cat is coughing up monster furballs. I am thinking the cat is trying to prove that he is the Alpha male in the house. Yes, they are both boys. So it is kind of a funny relationship. I will have to watch them closely…:D


I swear my daughter is an alien.  That is the only thing that will explain why she is so evil and hateful towards her brother and me.  It is getting to the point that I am about to slap the crap out of her.  I know, I knowit is PMS, but damn.  Having PMS does not give you the right to be a mini bitch on wheels like she has been.  That child has to be tired of seeing her room on a constant basis.  That is where she is the majority of the time since I send her there every time she gets mouthy.  This morning I wanted to choke herbut decided against it since I have to go to work and killing your children is frowned upon.  She used to be kind and sweetnow she is an alien.  I dont recognize this child.  I cant wait for this phase to end.

Tomorrow we will be going to the eye doctor because the child is blind.  She had glasses and now she doesnt.  I think someone broke them and now she is hiding the evidence.  That will be another battle because she wants contacts and I dont think she is ready for that yet.  She can barely keep her room clean, her body clean, take care of the animals, etcI dont think she would take care of contacts.  I will consider thisonly after see how she treats her new glasses.

I need to get some work done on my desk.  I will be online later on when I get home.  I will be back later

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