Feeling less green…

I am feeling better but I will still stay home and get the things done in the house that I wanted to get done. I was able to put up the wind chime that I got for 4 bucks this morning. Of course there is no wind just because I put it up. I got stuck on the chair there for a minute. I looked a hot mess standing on a chair holding a wind chime. People were passing by and staring at me but no one stopped to see why this woman with her hair all fugged up was standing on a chair in front of her house holding a wind chime. Finally I just said a short prayer and jumped (hoping I didn’t break anything) so all is well.
My sister in law was making fun of me saying that she would need glasses to come in my house because I am cleaning. Apparently she thinks that I will have it all bright and shiny. I think that will happen since I have been irritated with the house for a minute now. It is slowly getting back to the way that I want it to be. I suspect it is the children messing it up because I am picking up everything that belongs to them. They will be surprised when they come home because everything that is down here will be in their rooms. I could throw it outside, but that would make the outside look ghetto. I have to thank my friend Rebecca for my cleaning fits. That woman had a beautiful house. I am mirroring her. Thanks Rebecca for helping me see the light on how easy it is to keep a clean house. My Mother helped as well…I think she is being channeled as well.
THE WEATHER IS BEAUTIFUL HERE! This is one of the perks of living in Arizona. I am feeling slightly guilty about staying home. At least in Germany it was cloudy most days and I could make myself feel bad. But the sun is shining and there is ZERO humidity. I think I will want to stay here forever.
The clothes are almost done and I have to get them folded. Coming back later. It feels great to not have to battle the teens for some time on the computer. 😀

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