Running Around…

I have been running around like a chicken all morning.  I was about to call out sick because I just need to get my laundry done.  I am glad that I didn’t.  This whole morning has been spent running around trying to get a potluck prepared for an employee that is leaving.  The thing is…everyone has forgotten or assumed that someone else would contribute.  We were going to have a potluck with no food. Sheesh!  So I had to go into Super Secretary mode and make this thing happen.  I also had to take care of the Food Inspectors that work here in the store.  They are soldiers and they call themselves “Vets”.  You would think that they wouldn’t be afraid of speaking to the Public.  Umm…nope.  They are the most backwards group of soldiers that I have ever seen.  It takes a special breed of person to be able to deal with the customers of this Commissary.  Most of them are older, retired and grouchy beyond belief.   I am used to it, but they don’t deal with the public like I do…so they back away like crabs in uniform when they have to deal with them, and it is kind of funny to see.

I talked to my Momma last night and it was great to hear from her.  She sent The Girl a card with some money for her birthday.  I thought that was nice and we were talking about calling her when the phone rang.  It was Momma, she has a knack for calling when we are thinking about her.  It sometimes is eerie. My grandmother is sick so I am glad I heard from her.  I also called my Daddy to see how she is doing.  Your prayers would be welcome, because Grandma isn’t doing so well.  I got the mandatory guilt trip from Ma since I haven’t called her in a while.  I couldn’t remember where I put her number for the life of me.  This time I made a point of putting the number in my phone.  Now I have no excuse for not calling…so being called a heifer will be warranted the next time.

I helped my Sister in Law with her house this weekend.  The Army has strict cleaning policies when you are leaving housing, so I helped her get ready for the cleaning team to inspect and quote her a price.  If you do not hire a cleaning team here, you will not pass inspection.  The price that was quoted was beyond ridiculous, but it was the cheapest price so far.  Now I am wondering why I didn’t go and take the class…get on the list…and become a cleaning team myself.  They make mega money here and it seems the people who hire them are willing to pay the price to get away from the aggravation of having the clear quarters.  I am now thinking about getting on the list and doing houses over the weekend.  This is definitely something that I need to look into while the Husband is in Iraq.  My weeks will fly by if I am doing this.  Once I get the information…I will see if this is something that I want to do.  I know that it is work…I have a friend that used to do it.  But the money is making it attractive…

I have lost a grand total of 10 pounds last week. This week will not be so much, but it is nice to not feel bloated.  I know that the majority of the weight was water weight and the fact that it was my time of the month.  I always gain before, but this time it wasnt that much and the pain wasnt that bad.  The joy of low carb! No extreme cramps.  I love that I am able to wear some clothes that were just impossible for me to wear last year.  I am wearing a skirt that last year would be strangling me.  I had a hate/hate relationship with me clothes.  They hated me and I hated them, but I couldn’t afford to buy new clothes.  This posed a problem because I also couldn’t stop eating and gaining weight.  I am glad that I didn’t decide to buy lots of trendy European fashions because I would really look out of place right now.  I am still in the same boat…I have the clothes, I cannot afford to buy new ones, but at least they fit me and I look good in them. The party was okay, I am glad that I was able to get something in there because the food was lacking.  I got a chance to eat some great low carb foods, the meat department brought meat of course, and someone brought some chicken wings.  I have gotten really good with my eating, but of course there were people there trying to shove food (cake, cherry cobbler, cookies, corn chips) in front of me saying stuff like You are so good.  It is not that I am goodI like fitting the clothes that I am fitting and reallyI have no desire for those foods anymore.  I just dont want them.  It is one of the benefits of being low carb, after a while you dont need will power to resist the bad foods because the desire to eat them is just gone.  All you need to do is get through the first 4 days of the strict phase (and that is all low carb plans) and then the cravings just disappear along with the hunger.  I am getting lots of comments on my weight.  How skinny I am and how I should stop losing.  I just nod and tell them okay, but continue on with my plan.  There was one girl that was powerfully pissed at me when she found out how much I weigh.  She weighs about 6 pounds more than me but she is at least three sizes bigger than I am.  She has the same medical condition that I do (hypothyroid) and she sporadically works out.  The difference??  I am low carb and she is still a slave to low fat/low calorie.  Because of my lifestyle and eating plan (I work out with weights and eat high protein< /I>) I am in 8, 9,10,11s (depends on who makes the clothes) and she is still in 16/18.  The inches lost and the muscle gained really makes a difference in the size clothes that you wear.  That is why I am not hung up on what the scale says.  It is still nice to see a lower number, but the smaller sizes are what counts.  Anywayshe was upset and started in on how I should start to eat like she does and Did I know that I will stall and HAVE to eat carbs again to lose the weight??  Whatever.  I eat carbs.  I dont eat the shitty ones.  I got a little pissed and wanted to tell her that what she is doing is not workingso why get on my case.  I didnt.  I dont believe in trying to make people convert to the low carb high protein way of life.  I just let them notice my results and only if they ask I tell them what I am doing.  It makes no sense for me to say anything because as soon as low carb passes from my lips I see the glazed look in their eyes and I know that they are not listening anyway.  So I scarcely argue anymoreI just say what I am doing and dont elaborate unless they ask.  But dont judge me to my face.  Keep your comments to yourself.

I do have laundry to do when I get homeI also have teenagers so the computer may be in use.  I will try to get online so I can catch up on all my friends blogs.  I do pay the bills in that house and it would be nice for me to make use of the computer every now and again.

I will be back later




  1. Robin says:

    Lisa… I gained a little weight when my husband came home from school. I started to become reaquainted with the wine bottle. Since he is going to the field more and more I am able to stick to my plan. So far I have lost about 35 pounds. I am hoping to eventually reach my goal of 140 pounds. Right now I weigh in at 165…I guess the exercise is making me look smaller than what I weigh..go figure. I will probably fall over if I get into a size 7. It will be a vanity size 7 but I like the way the number looks in my pants. I am always in a better mood when the number is smaller…

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