Organic foods.  Grr!  Everywhere I go I am unable to locate low carb but Ii can get a shitload of organic foods.  Just because it is organic doesnt make it a diet type food.  A person can get fat off organic foods.  Anyway, I am irritated because I was able to get my Atkins Foods from this very Commissary and at a great price.  Now I find out that they are phasing out my Bake Mix.  This stuff kept me good whenever I wanted Fried Chicken.  Nobody would know when I used the mix (they couldnt tell the differenceit was that good) and I was able to enjoy dinner with the family without guilt.  I am about to order a case of my beloved Bake MixI am hoping it will keep because it is 7.99 a can.  That is considered cheap because the website is charging 11.99

AnywayIt is busy here today.  The Brats Sale is a hit, just like I told the SGT in charge.  I know soldiers.  They are HUNGRY and if there is a chance for them to get lunch on the cheap they will be there.  I hope this is a success for the B.O.S.S. program.  The last fund raiser that they put on only netted $100.00.  I was even able to contribute to the cause.the Brats are on 2 grams of carbs each without the bun.  I had two and now my tummy is killing me.  I guess being in ketosis is helping that one out, I am barely hungry.  I lost two pounds since yesterday and I am aiming for 12 by the end of next week.  I know that may never happen, but it is good to shoot for that goal.  Tonight I am Walking Away the Pounds (hopefully with my daughter and K) so I am hoping to lose some of the bloat that I was picking up.  I will not drink anything in the next two weeks so I am hoping the loss will be a good one. 

I have to mail off some documents, I will be back later

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