Wouldnt you know it??  I get a complement and then this little on lady comes by with a box of Worlds Finest Chocolate trying to help raise money for her grandsons band.  I love WFCit is the best stuff next to Cadburys.  I bought a bar but ended up breaking the bar up into pieces and leaving it on the counter.  The people in this store are hungry so I am sure the candy will be gone in no time.

We are having a Brats Sale today.  The Single Soldiers are trying to raise money and we are helping them.  There is this big truck that is actually a grill parked outside the building.  I was just informed that I may be cooking or something like that.  I am not dressed to grill anythingI am the fecking secretary and I have to draw the line somewhereI am not going to go outside and BBQ anything!

I have some things to take care of


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