Brain Dump…

Just need to dump the contents of the Brain.  I think I took too many fat burners so now I am hyper like a muther.  Easter was nice.  I was able to spend the Holiday with family.  It was much better than it was last year when things were beyond tense with me.  I think I will take the two weeks that I have of me time to really get intense with the exercising.  My husband is away on a field problem so I can pretty much focus on what I need to do to feel better.   I dont drink when he isnt around so this will be a great detox for me.  The reason behind NOT drinking when he isnt around is because in Germany I was a Borderline (IF NOT A FULL FLEDGED) Alcoholic.  I gained massive weight and I wasnt pleasant to be around.  The more I drank the more I wanted.  My kids deserve better than thatso no drinking if I am alone.

The Girl is mad again.  This morning it was the battle of my hair is stupid.  Now people, there is nothing wrong with the childs hair.  It doesnt lay against her head like her friends because she doesnt have pin-straight spider web hair.  If she wants to devote an hour of I hate my hair every morning, I suggested to her that she wake up earlier.  I have to be in at work by 0730, and waiting until 0715 to ask me for help with her hair just isnt cutting it.  Also, she is concerned with these little girls that keep making fun of her and her hair.  They are calling her Prince.  I explained to my daughter that they are jealous that they do not have hair like she does.  These young female hatchlings have what my Momma (and me for that matter) call Nappy hair.  They need to relax their hair on a monthly basis just to keep it from curling up on their scalp.  My daughter is a mixture of Black/Hispanic,  so she is fair skinned and she has this beautiful thick hair that will never need a relaxerever.  They tell her that she isnt dark enough to be considered black and that her hair isnt black hair.  They are calling her names because they WISH they could get a hair cut and have their hair fall and look the way my daughters does.  I knowtrying to explain the jealousy thing to a hormonal 13-year old is an exercise in futility.  But I still tryI still get the hysteria every morning, and I still feel like a crappy Mother because I didnt make myself late for work.  The Child moves like Pond Water in the morning, it is amazing that she makes the bus every day.   This evening I am planning on hijacking the child and washing her hair for her.  I will deep condition it, blow dry it and straighten it with the flat iron.  I hope this will stave off the Tuesday edition of I Hate My Hair.

I found a penny (heads up) this afternoon, so I picked it up.  Now I am wondering if heads up is a good luck thing or if I should have left it be.  I will find out later if I have bad luck following me.  At least I am a penny richer.  😀

Tonight will be a date with Leslie Sansome and Walk Away the Pounds.  Si
nce I haven
t done the workout in a minute I will only walk two miles.  I may be able to get The Girl to do it with me.  The Girl also has the daily episode of I Am Fat”…every day.  Every single day I am hearing the child (who is 52, weighs 115 pounds and wears a size 5 or 7) telling me that she is this humongous fat body.  I  TRY to get her to understand that she is number 1NOT CAUCASION…her friend is white and she weighs about 90 pounds.  She is so skinny and underdeveloped you can see through hernumber 2my child has started her period on she is developing a figure (while her friend has not started to develop at all) and number 3she has a BOOTY ( I ask her to refer to number 1 for the reason)The Girl hates her butt.  There is nothing that I can do about her having a J-LO booty.  The Child stole my behind while I was sleeping, that is why I dont have the butt I used to have.  I stress to my daughter that she is not fat, and that she should be PROUD of the curves that she was blessed with.  Of course this is a frustrating conversation.  I tell her to exercise with me, she tells me later, then she turns around and says that she is fat.  So tonight, before the hair washing hijacking I will make her walk with me.  I will probably have to threaten her with a gunbut at least she will get the exercise in and maybe stop whining about things that she really has no control over.

I have more to dumpit has been a busy month for me and I have to get this crap out of my system so my Chi will be balanced, but I am at work.  Since I am at work I have to get my desk in order and have some paperwork signed.  I will be online this evening after the workout and hair washing event. 

So for nowlater!

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