My Space??

I just started to get the hang of the “blogging” thing and now there is something called I checked it out and I can honestly say that it looks like it is a pain in the ass. I guess as I am getting older my attention span is not what it used to be. Both my kids have a myspace address. I checked out my son’s (that child is truly special. He likens himself to being a THUG…one with Reynold’s Wrap on his teeth) and I couldn’t understand what the hell he wrote. I am also assuming that writing phonetically instead of using the proper spelling is something that is considered cool?? Why is that? To me it looks like the person cannot spell. Anyway…I think I will stay in my little blogging world. At least I can understand what I am reading when I visit a site. Once I go home, I will look up the address and you guys can look at the website he built. Let me know if you understand what he wrote. Just ignorant. A SERIOUS Linkin Park intervention is looming near for that child…I mean it!



  1. Christine says:

    You move around SO much!! =D
    I have a Myspace account, but I only have it to monitor Jessy. Once he’s 18 in August, I’m outta there!
    I think you’ve stumbled upon the world of “leet” or l33t. Whatever it might be, it’s strange as hell, and I could never lower myself to use it. With the occasional “kewl” here in there, that is. =)

  2. Robin says:

    I think that is what it is because I have no idea what the Hell that crap is…like Ebonics on crack. I can handle “kewl” it is just when the entire paragraph is in that language…that is when I get confused. My husband even uses that shit (but that is expected since he is still going through hs midlife crisis…gotta act young) so much that when I see it on his blog I get irritated.
    Oh Dear…I am ranting. 😀
    I move around because I am poor. I will stay here for a minute (as long as it is free) I am glad you still read my boring life… 😀

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