Just had to come back…

My son is special.  I just got a call from the school.  They want to know why The Boy went to school with a Platinum Grill made out of aluminum foil.  The child is complaining that his mouth Is hurting. DOY! I was wondering why there was little bits of aluminum foil on the counter AGAIN this morning.  The Boy did the same thing yesterday and it took me a minute to realize what he had done.  That is it I am tying him up to a chair and I will blast Linkin Park into his ears until he starts to act less ignorant.  Reynolds Aluminum Foil.  The thought of that crap touching my teeth is making me HUZZ.

But I really cannot stop laughing.  I guess it is the mission of these kids to keep me on my toesin a constant state of WTF?? 😀

Started doing the low carb thing for real today.  Even went to Burger King and tried to explain the I want a low carb burger thing to them.  Of course I get the You are killing yourself thing.  I was told this while I was sitting there eating a salad with a big glass of water in front of me.  What-the-feck-ever.  I am still in better shape than I have ever been.  I am about to resort to telling people that I am a diabetic and that is why I have swore off sugar. 

Today will also be the day that I am venturing into the Gym by myself.  I need to get in something.  I like the way that I feel when I am exercising and I like that the inches are coming off quickly.  I have a planI am still doing Taebo, but I am starting to get bored (as usual) so I will get the elliptical training in.  I think I will circuit train with the machines because I like the weights but I have no spotter.  I just need to find a program that I like and one that I will stick to.  I want to continue the fountain of youth I have discovered. 

This time I really have to go.  I just have to make sure I erase the signature from my email.  It has my first and last name, where I work, my phone numbers, and email.  Doy!


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