All Prince All the Time

Woot! I am enjoying The Prince radio station and damn do I wish I could listen to that at work. I haven’t heard a song that I haven’t liked yet. There are perks to having a husband that bleeds purple like myself. 😀 I am having a great time.
Things have been quiet around here. There are lots of things that I should have done…like work out and clean the floors, but I just felt like vegging today. My house is clean, it just doesn’t smell like Pine Oil. Oh fecking well. I will get to it this week.
Speaking of exercise…I have to get it in somewhere. I used to do it in the morning and in the evening with the husband. Now he is getting ready to go back to the Desert and I am having to go to work at 0730 in the morning. It takes me a minute to get it together in the morning so I don’t see myself getting up before the ass crack of dawn to exert myself. The way that it is looking I think I will be doing that since I get distracted and bored with the Gym when I am by myself. I figure something out because I am NOT getting big like I was before. I do not want to get that Secretary’s spread.
I almost forgot that Easter is LOOMING again. Now that my kids are older I am not running around trying to get baskets together from a “rabbit” that carries chocolate and lays eggs. I never understood why kids weren’t afraid of the giant rabbit that hops around promoting tooth decay and diabetes. he would break into your house and leave eggs for you. And the eggs would be hard boiled so I guess his ass was hot as well when he laid them. I was always afraid of that damned rabbit. He was so happy all the time…that is just not normal…anyway…

The kids are teens now so I don’t have to make baskets. That also means I won’t be sweeping up Easter Grass for the next 6 months. That shit is like sand…it gets everywhere. I haven’t even thought about Easter Dinner. I don’t do ham. I don’t like the way it tastes, so I don’t cook it very well. It looks too much like a butt. I cannot make myself look past that…a pig’s ass. Yuck.
I am cooking dinner and since this is Easter time they are playing all kinds of interesting things on TV. I am about to watch The Gospel of Judas. It should be interesting. If I have time I will get back online and start charting my workout and diet stuff. I know that it is a boring read, but it keeps me track…



  1. Rebecca says:

    My twin cousins were SCARED TO DEATH of the rabbit. My uncle, trying to be a good Dad, put “rabbit tracks” in the house leading to their easter baskets when they were about 4, and the two of them started huddling together and FREAKING OUT. They told him there were tracks in, but not out and they were terrified the Easter Bunny was still in the house.

  2. Robin says:

    As a child in New Orleans, my parents were really good at hiding the fact that these different legends didn’t exist. I remember when we were living on Dreux Ave.(this is for My Mom’s she will know what I am talking about) it was Easter Sunday and I couldn’t sleep. I was so excited about getting all that candy (my Mom and Dad ROCKED when it came to candy) so I decided to get up early. I heard a rustling noise…like plastic being crinkled and I was positive that it was the Easter Bunny. I even saw a GIGANTIC shadow on the wall. I became terrified. I don’t know why…but the thought of a 6 ft tall Bunny in the living room had me welded to that spot. Finally I heard the door open and slam shut that was when I was able to go back to my bed. I was scared of him ever since.
    I also remember “Santa” wearing a plastic suit shaking his keys outside the window. I never understood why Santa was wearing plastic and where did he park his reindeer. 😀 My Mom and Dad did everything to make up believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny for a long time.

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