2nd Day of Full time

Like it. Love it. I never realized how much I missed making money. Wheeeeee! I cannot wait until my first paycheck. I need to get caught up with bills…seriously. I am not worried about the ones that are in my name, but I really want to pay off the Target bill that is in my Mother’s name. They helped me out immensely when I did the mighty quest to Arizona…now I want to make sure I take care of all responsibilities. They have been so understanding and wonderful about this whole thing. But now that I am doing the full time Government Employee (i.e.; dug in like a tick) thing again I can finally make good on all favors granted me.

I just came back from a “Round Up” meeting and I am convinced that all military personnel are Vampires. They definitely do not like having their pictures taken. My Boss drags me to these functions so she can get her photos taken. This is all part of fulfilling the Outreach thing that she does. Anyway I was tasked to take pictures of the room and of her. Wouldn’t you know it?? The time I decide to take pictures is the time that a higher ranking person was up and speaking. She stops in the middle of her speech and says,”Who is taking my picture?? and she sounded pissed about it as well. I guess I have to pay to take pictures. I was so embarrassed that I just developed the stone face and I stared straight ahead. I had to make myself move from the chair that I was in to take another picture of my Boss when it was her turn to speak. I also realize that I am very popular here on Post. At the meeting I had a ton of people walking up to me and calling me by my first name. Now I don’t know these people from a can of paint so that made me quite uncomfortable. I just looked at them and choked out a greeting. I am not that good in front of high ranking people. I don’t know what to say to them when they are standing there smiling staring in my face. It makes me want to run screaming away from them. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much. I guess with all the resumes that I have out there my name is recognizable. Hell there isn’t that many people on this post with a similar name…so I guess it is expected.

It is close to lunch time for me and I am starving like a Big Ole Dog. I had a chicken sandwich from Burger King (The Big Bucking Chicken Commercial is stuck in my head) so I need to be good today. I am maintaining the lean look so eating Big Bucking Chicken Sandwiches is not something that I want to do everyday. So for lunch I will get some Sushi and then run my ass to the Gym to work off the empty calories that I ate on Monday.

I have some work that needs to get off my desk. Once that is done I will be caught up and the rest of the day can be spent waiting for 4 o’clock.

I will be back later!

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