One word…
I don’t think I will be needing the Bootcamp Elite workouts. Not for a couple of months anyway. I completed the Basic Bootcamp…55 whole minutes of Billy sweating into the camera. I am going to follow his plan. Shit, I paid enough for this set it is about time that I use it properly. He has a eating plan involved that looks suspiciously like South Beach. It is a low carby thing that he recommends that you follow. All I have to say is I am GLAD that I lost some weight and put some muscle on my frame or I would look like a dying elephant on the floor instead of a retarded giraffe. Gonna set some small goals with this one. The first one being to complete a week of workout and clean eating. That shouldn’t be hard. One week at a time, Folks. It is starting to get a bit warm and I be damned if I will go through another summer with cellulite on my legs. Cellulite tanned looks like browned cottage cheese. YUCK!
Off to drink some much needed water and to get ready for work…

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