…WITH TAEBO that is!! This morning I was up early because of the cat and the fact that I have to get used to waking up in time for my fulltime position starting next week. At the wee hours of the morning infomercial are the only thing that is on. I was flipping through the channels and I saw a familiar face. My Man, Billy Blanks was on the screen sweating and smiling. He has a new program. A new Bootcamp with new bands. It took everything out of me not to pick up the phone and call. I have the first Bootcamps and I know that they work. They are hard and I need to get myself back into the swing of actually DOING THEM! He is offering the same things with a different band and a few new moves. I think it is a sickness. I need to have everything that Billy Blanks puts out. Maybe it is because he worked closely with the troops in Iraq and got tips from them. That he worked out with them and filmed one of his workouts (which I have) in Iraq. I don’t know, but I am maintaining control over myself and I will do the workout that I have (for exactly one month) to see if it is worth me spending more money on workout DVDs. I figure if I stick to the original Billy plan for the month then that means I am serious. I still wrote down all the information and my palm is itching to buy…but I will wait. But folks, it is BOOTCAMP ELITE…so that means it is something new.
I need help.
I will be back later…I am going to do some Basic Bootcamp and I will see how I feel later…

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