Busy Day Ahead….

I have a busy day ahead of me. I am planning on washing the clothes and getting the house smelling like Pine Sol. It was Simple Green but now I am addicted to the smell of pine oil. It just smells cleaner. The Husband is still acting like a complete child, but after being with this individual for 15 years I am used to his actions. This time however…I am going to honor his request. I will leave him alone. Just like Greta Garbo…be alone… he can sit on his self- imposed island. I have gotten used to being with myself and I am very good at ignoring a person. It will be like he isn’t even here. I noticed that this time the kids are ignoring him as well. It was bound to happen, they are older and they don’t like it when he throws his tantrums. My daughter didn’t even tell him Good Night last night. He slept on the couch and I had the bed to myself. I wonder how long this can last? I did ignore him this summer for about two months where I didn’t call or check up on him. I just shut off. I am doing that more and more these days. I think it is because I am older and I have no patience for stupidity. He was the one that was doing the messed up things and now he wants to be mad. Be mad and stick your head in a paper bag is what I say. I tried to talk to him last night and he wanted to be a Dick. Good. Now I am going to be a Bitch. I am very good at it and I can last a long time. There is no need for screaming and stuff, the kids don’t deserve that. The house is big enough where I don’t have to have anything to do with him at all. I have been the constant in his life…now he can see what it is like to lose the one person that actually gave a shit. I just won’t say anything. I will still be in the house, do the chores (I like a clean house) and go about my day to day business. I cannot interact with someone who doesn’t respect me. I have three words for him “Kiss My Ass”.
Wow…that vent felt good!
The Girl and I have to straighten our hair…we both have curly wavy crap on our heads and it just doesn’t look good with the cut that we have. Right now we are walking around with rags on our heads. I look like a family of mice is living in there. I have to get used to using the flat iron because I am always burning my head. That is a pain like no other and I know that women who use various irons like me know what I am talking about. I still feel the burn, so I think some Neosporin is necessary. I don’t want to lose my hair in that spot, that is all that I need…a bald spot on the side of my head. I could always say that it is a fashion statement. Hell, I may even stripe the other side and say I spent tons of money on it.
Speaking of money…My Brother and K found a GREAT deal on a new car! It is a nice Ford, red, with tinted windows. There are a couple of dings in it (minor ones) a small scratch (looks like the sellers were having remorse and keyed the car) and it has less than 100000 miles on it…the Blue Book Value on it is 3000.00…They paid…

I was stunned. $800.00 for a $3000.00 car. Brother wanted to take it to a lot and get the money for it (and he could have). But his wife needs the extra car more. That was the deal of the century if you ask me. $800.00. I told them to make a sign(one with lights and neon) and put it on the car. They should even think about getting a personalized plate that says “EGHTHNRD” on it just to remind themselves how great the deal was… Everyone that they told (including me) was stunned when they tell them the price. They had a little problem with the people before hand and they were really adamant about buying the car. Now I understand why. Brother even said that the guy was stunned when he saw the bill of sale…I guess he forgot about the price he gave them. Good Deal, Lou! I am so happy that you guys got a nice second car!!
The cat is on borrowed time. I woke up yesterday morning and discovered that he was able to get into the trash can (the damned cat has thumbs) and took out food. This is getting ridiculous and I am noticing that everything we tell him “NO”, he starts to pull out his fur. It helps to ignore him. I sneaked a peek at him and he was staring at us in the middle of pulling out his fur. He stopped when he noticed that we were ignoring him (that and a loud clapping noise), went to his food and started to eat it. I guess he is realizing that he is not people afterall. 😀 😀 Good. I would hate to get rid of him because he has a behavior problem.
I am going back on Induction. I like the way that I feel when I am low carbing. I haven’t gained any weight and it is amazing that I am still in Ketosis. So I am jumping back on the Atkins Induction phase before I am thrown out of Ketosis. It is possible to remain in the fat burning phase and incorporate vegetables and fruits with the Atkins Plan. Lots of people believe that this is a meat and fat diet. It is so far from the truth. I just don’t eat sugar, flour, processed crap. I am doing the same thing that Oprah does and she doesn’t get slammed for what she is doing. When I am at work I am noticing that the ladies are bringing in stuff that I cannot eat and then they try to force that crap on me. I have been dieting for a long time and I am used to saying no to things that I cannot eat. They look at me like I am an alien and then say that I am killing myself and that they couldn’t eat like that. So, don’t eat like me. I am doing what I want to do and I am not making you eat like me. I drink my water (and my Coke Zero) eat my salads, lean meats, and stay away from the sugar and the breads. I am leaning up and I look good. That is all that I need to keep me going…
I need to start cleaning up in here. I have the house to myself (Greta left in a huff) so I can get some things done in peace. I hope I have a long time…
I will be back online later…I have to download some things for my Sims2 (the new expansion pack is awesome)…


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  1. Tatiana says:

    It is awful to have a “neighbour” in your house in place of a husband… And it is very sad. I hope he soon understands what life is really all about and I also do hope that you are strong enough to handle this!
    Much love and big hug to you.

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