So Cold…

It is extremely cold in this office today. The air conditioners in this place work like a dream. I think they work too well, Just like the one in my house…the constant state there is cold. Even in the summertime.

I am so stoked that I am finally getting fulltime work. I told the Boss that I wouldn’t leave and I really meant it. I like being comfortable in my job. I am comfortable here, so the only thing that would make me leave is a GS-7 position with the Housing office.

There was a luncheon today for two people and I am finding it increasingly hard to stay low carb around here. The one thing that is saving my figure is the fact that I exercise. Yesterday I was feeling horrible (I ate Sushi from a buffet the night before…so stupid)…so there was no cardio done. I will make up for that tonight by doing Taebo and then heading to the Gym for weights.

I will be back later, I have payroll to complete. I don’t want the employees to come after to me with fire and pitchforks because their time is incorrect!


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