I am in the process of doing Time and Attendance…which is pissing me off. I know that each and everyone of the people that I am processing can follow simple fecking directions. I cannot accept the excuse that since you are a Wage Grade employee (Blue Collar) instead of a GS (white collar) you cannot understand the concept of putting in the correct time. Just copy your schedule off the piece of paper and put it on the time card. My father was a Wage Grade employee with the Government and I know for a fact that he is able to follow directions. Especially when it came to his money. They all know how to contact the Union and EEO…but ask them to count the number of hours that they work in a day?? They are threatening the Union on me. I only report what you give me, I do not read minds.

<end rant>

I am on my way to a meeting with the Big Boss. Why is it I always have to go somewhere or get a picture taken of me when my hair is acting like an ass?? It would not cooperate with the flat iron (yes, I iron my hair. The lack of humidity is wonderful for hairstyles) and there is one piece that is standing up circa Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. At least I am not channeling Buckwheat these days. That was a possibility when I was living in moist lands. I cannot even think about what my head would look like if it was humid out.

I just did a resignation for one of the workers here. They quit because the Commissary wouldn’t work around his second job schedule. The second job pays 2.00 less an hour. I don’t understand that one at all. The Commissary was the main job for him and he decided that he just would quit. I guess he wanted the Supervisors to tell him that they didn’t want him to quit. To PLEASE reconsider and they will do what he wants them to do…Guess what? His feelings were hurt because they were like…Okay…see you later. What some people (the teens) don’t understand is this: It is extremely hard to get on with the Government in the States. I was fortunate enough to get into the system by living overseas. Prior to Germany I had been applying and waiting for employment for 6 years. There is a list of about 200 people wanting to filling the positions that the Commissary offers. That is why they do not care if they lose an employee. It sucks, but it is a fact. This kid is about to get married….I hope everything works out for him. He was 19. I would have had a child about 18 or so if I hadn’t miscarried, so I look at him like a kid. I hope he makes better decisions as he gets older.

<jumping off my box>

Okay Folks, I actually have to get some things taken care of before I have to leave for this meeting. I will be posting again tonight…


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