I have decided to go back low carb for Lent and I have…been very good and I feel wonderful. I also said that I would add cardio back into the mix. I did Walk Away the Pounds twice since Lent started and then I went back to lifting weights. Yesterday I was DYING at work. I haven’t had the sleepys in the middle of the afternoon since I lost weight but there it was…I was falling asleep while doing my work. That reminds me…I have to check that work when I go in today…Anyway I notice that when I don’t do cardio I fall asleep. I finally pulled out a DVD. I went back to what I know works for me…TAEBO. Instead of doing the Advanced workout I went Basic and I finished the whole thing. Baby steps for me when it comes to Taebo. I know that I will be doing Advanced again in no time. I often wonder why I am always running to the store looking for something else to do when I have DVDs that I know work wonders.
Anyway…I have to get ready for work. I am trying everything to stay good and earn leave. I want to be able to take an actual vacation this year. The Boss called the Big Boss yesterday to see if it can be approved to make me Fulltime. I hope it happens for me because I really do not feel like starting in another place.
I am hoping to make it to the Gym tonight to get in some weight lifting. If it doesn’t happen I will be on the floor doing some Yoga. I like the way my body is looking with muscles…
I will be back later…

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