The people here are on crack. They thought that it was horrible that I killed the furry giant spider. Apparently it is against some laws to kill the critters here. For example, if you have a bat problem, you can’t kill them, you have to trap them. The werewolves (coyotes) are protected as well. I guess tarantulas too. If a tarantula is in my house I am killing it. Take me to spider jail! I look at it like a breaking and entering. They suggested that I pick them up, gently, with my hand and take them outside to frolic free. Bullshit! I don’t think that I will ever get used to living in the mountains. The view is beautiful but the critters are ridiculous. You can say that I am not a camping type of girl. 😀
The Husband loved my hair and adored the Girl’s hair. He was messing with me…Saying that he leaves for a week and I lose 8 pounds, cut my hair, and shape the eyebrows. That is right, I am girlie! My daughter is radiant! She is smiling more and looking forward to going to school. She is even doing her homework. It is amazing what a mini makeover will do for a girl. She is gorgeous! I am not looking forward to her starting to date. Lucky for me I have a couple of years before she is allowed to go somewhere without me shadowing her. Even when she is old enough I will probably be around the area to make sure I am there to kill anyone that hurts her. It is just so good that she is deciding to Girl Up.
I lost another 3 pounds from yesterday. I love the way low carbing works…Suddenly you lose a big amount of weight and you look and feel thinner. I have so much more energy since I went back to low carb. Thanksgiving and Christmas had me off plan but now I have no other major Holidays coming up so I can stay on this train until I hit my goal. I am hitting the Gym again tonight, it has been three weeks since I lifted so I will have to start from scratch. No problem…I am feeling energenic these days. I have motivation to lose more this time because I think the back of my neck looks fat. Everyone is saying that it doesn’t look that way, but I see it so that is all that matters. Gonna do three miles with Leslie Sansome (Walk Away the Pounds) and a Ab Bootcamp from Billy Blanks. I will be ready for shorts and mini skirts this summer. I just don’t think I can take the Arizona heat with extra weight on me this year.
I have to get ready for work…There are lots of things on my plate these days and I need to make sure it is correct. I am looking at getting the fulltime at the job as a test. They are having me prove myself before they commit to 40 hours a week. I hope I hear something soon…Wish me luck!

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