This is so NOT FUNNY…

…but I can’t stop laughing. Our cat could possibly have psychological problems. I have a crazy cat. He has started to pull out his fur. He is literally walking around with fur hanging out of his mouth and it looks like a beard. I have ruled out fleas, allergies, skin disease…so all that is left is he is a nut. And I picked him. I should have named him Pecan. I cannot not stop laughing because I am picturing Tequila in a straight jacket. With fuzzy slippers.
Lord Help Me.
I am still going to bring him back to the Vet to make sure it isn’t something that is catching.
I am still looking for another template and I have discovered that I do not have the patience that I used to have. I think that I will leave it alone and just post. I know that is what my three readers have been wanting anyway.



  1. 40spoet says:

    we have a similar situation with one of our cats. he loses (pulls) his hair out when he is stressed. we also have a neurotic female who poops outside the box when she is ticked off. a trip to the vet proved inconclusive’ we suspected hypothyroid trouble, but though the blood level readings were elevated, not enough for the vet to give us any medication. hoping kitty is feeling better soon. take care.

  2. Robin says:

    I saved Tequila from the Pound and this fur pulling started a week ago. We love him dearly…I hope he isn’t stressed. I wonder if the change in his food is making him itchy. I read that allergies cause them to do that as well. He will be bald soon if he doesn’t stop and he has such pretty blonde hair.
    CH…I still giggle when I see him but my heart is breaking due to the amount of fur he is losing…

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