Oh Dear!

It has been forever since I have posted. I am not even sure that my three readers are still reading. I am so sorry…I have been so busy. I have been wanting to post and it looks like everytime I went to something came up. Lemme try to update…
The first thing that I want to do is change the style. Spring is coming and I want to put some focus on fitness. I know that is boring, but I was training to run a 5K and I didn’t really put that in the blog because it seemed boring to me. What could I say?? I ran for a block, my chest closed up, I threw up, and I discovered that I am not only afraid of horses but deer too? 😀 I did train…I did stop. I think I was trying to do something that would take me 6 months to get right. I don’t run…on purpose. So that stopped. I stepped on the scale and decided that I needed to get cardio back into my life. I don’t want the Fat Fairy visiting me anymore.
Anyway…I need to change the layout on this thing. I have so much to update about, but the Boy just bounded down the stairs looking for something to eat. I will be back today after the layout change. It is amazing…when I used Movable Type…all I could find was Blogger templates. NOW I can’t locate any Blogger templates that look interesting. Very interesting…
I PROMISE I will be back…



  1. Robin says:

    I know…but everytime I went to update something happened that made me stop. I am glad that you guys still read…–>

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