This is getting old….

The position has been filled. Although you were not selected, we appreciate your interest in civilian employment with the Department of the Army.”

I am getting so tired of seeing those words on the site that I visit for jobs. It is starting to get ridiculous and I am starting to get depressed.  It looks like I am going to have to stay here and bide my time.  I don’t hate where I am working, I just hate the situation that I am in…part time.

On a better note another place picked up my resume and it is for a step up. More money and I don’t think this one requires a Secret Clearance.  It would really be nice if someone would pick me up at a higher grade.  My fingers are crossed that these people look at the vast experience that I have and give me a chance.

Moving on…

Yesterday I decided to go to the PX and look at what they were offering in the line of clothes.  I have to say that this PX has a better selection for women.  In Germany you could choose “Whore Uniform” or “Grandma Moses”.  When I say whore uniform I mean..ridiculous short skirts, see-through shirts, spaghetti straps, extreme low rise jeans, etc, etc. And by Grandma I mean purple flowered things, double knits, and the shiny polyester crap.  There was no middle ground there…in THIS PX there is a middle ground and I found the cutest jeans and tunic top that make me look artsy.  I am an artist at heart, so I like the jeans that have the look of being torn and patched up, faded, and boot or flare cut.  The tunics explain themselves…I especially like the ones that have Earth colors on them and lots of tourquoise and pinks.  I also like sandals and flip flops.  Anyway…you have an idea of what I am talking about.  My husband called me Poca-Poca (Pocahontas…my son used to call Pocahontas Poca-Poca when he was a baby.  It just stuck) when he saw me in the latest outfit that I picked up (at 75% off thank you).  I have the Bohemian (size 9) jeans on, the beautiful tunic, my sandals that match the tunic, silver jewelry, and my hair flowing.  I look extremely Hispanic or like a Poca Poca.  The only thing that is out is my toes..they are painted and my feet have been pedicured.  My ass is not hanging out, my tits are not overflowing the shirt that I am wearing, my makeup is not gaudy, and I am not DIRTY LOOKING.  Remember the DIRTY LOOKING part for later.  I flounce into the office (it is casual Friday and it is Grocery Store) thinking that I look pretty.  The Grocery Manager came in and completely loved my outfit.  In fact she is going to the PX to find the same jeans.  Once she made the comment that she like the jeans that is when the comments started from the Hags in the office.  Once of them told me that no self respecting Secretary would look like I do.  Mind you this Old Cow is about a million years old in dirty tennis shoes and double knit everything.  The other one said that she liked my shirt but my jeans..well she wouldn’t pay a nickel for them.  This one is in a DIRTY, FILTHY T-Shirt and DIRTY JEANS with dirty tennis shoes (the bottoms of the sole are coming off and they flap when she walks), no makeup on, and it looks like she hasn’t washed her hair in two weeks.  By the way, she does smell like she looks.  I know that I am being a bitch here…but that shit hurt my feelings.  I don’t sit there and critique your outfit.  I walked in and they all started to rip into me.  I have worked hard to get the body that I have.  I do not shop for clothes that look like they belong on teenagers but I do shop for clothes that suit my personality.  I will never wear a skirt up my ass no matter how fine I become.  I am 36 and right now I can pass for my mid twenties.  I couldn’t say that a year ago.  A year ago I was eyeing the double knit pants and shirts with X’s behind the number.  A year ago I was feeling sorry for myself and the fact that I was half way through my 30’s and I saw gray hair.  A year ago I didn’t take any interest in my appearance and in myself.  A year ago I looked like them.  I could have ripped into their looks, but I just smiled and said…well I COULDN’T SEE YOU IN THIS OUTFIT.  I really couldn’t see them in the outfit that I am sporting.  They would look ridiculous…just like I would have a year ago.  Now I can wear them.  The jeans are cute…someone told me that.  I promptly responded…”I’m cute, that is why the jeans are cute. I make everything cute.”   Guess what??  This time I believe it!!

I have some things that I need to get off my desk.  I also have some Sushi to pick up…


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