I made the mistake of telling my boss that I would go to the High School tonight and “help” her with Financial Aid Night. We are offering scholarships from the Commissary to Military children. I really do not feel like doing this, but it is extra hours and I am going to get night differential for doing it. The Husband offered to come with me. (yes I know that is a shocking thing) and it took me a minute to realize what the hell he said. I guess I could take him up on it since I can’t stand sitting by myself making small talk with that woman. I am really starting to not like my boss. Don’t know why…I just find her unpleasnt to be around. Oh well, I am sure I will put my finger on these feelings.
I have two teenagers so tell me why my living room looks like a Hurricane went through it. As I am getting older I am having less patience with upset. I think I will crack the whip and make them earn their keep and their lives in this house. I may even have to write another letter to the teens thing. It keeps me sane…

Err…as sane as I can be anyway. It is getting close to the time where I have to leave here and make the mighty quest to the High School. Since it gets Advanced Dark around here, I am taking my chances hitting any various critter that makes the Desert its home. The chicken in the microwave may serve as a great bribe for the Coyote that decides to attack me on my way to the High School door. I hope anyway…
I will be back later

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