So I have been missing for a minute. A lot has been going on with me and I have been busy tending to the different fires of my life. I just checked on my IRS refund and I found out that I “may” have an offset amount. Someone has jacked part of my refund check. I am trying to remember any debt that I may have …and it is escaping me. I hate when that happens because the IRS has no idea WHO has taken it and HOW much has been taken. The recording and the website is reading and sounding like gibberish to me. I guess I will find out just how much when Friday comes around. They are just saying that your refund MAY have been offset and IF it applies to YOU then there are forms that you can fill out, you should be notified beforehand, blah, blah, blah.
It is good that I am working, so I am not going to freak that much…but I am still freaking.
Things have GOT to get better around here. Someday, I hope.
The Girl decided that she was too sick to stay at school yesterday. So sick in fact that she COULDN’T go to the Nurse, but instead, decided to leave the campus with her friend. Of course the school calls me to ask why The Girl isn’t in school. They didn’t call to tell me that she walked off campus, but to ask me why she was absent. The Child was in 1st Period then suddenly she was gone for 2nd Period. I didn’t come by to get her…so why call me and ask me why she isn’t in school when your records show that she was there for the 1st Period. Did she evaporate? Did she go into a space-time continuum? Tell me people at the school…what happened? I was a tad bit surprised and it was relayed in my voice so the Secretary tells me that she will call me back. That is when I discovered that she walked off campus. Instant headache and blood pressure elevation. My jaw tightened and I actually felt the gray hair start to come in. I looked for the child all over Post and then decided that she would probably end up back at the school. There is really no place for her to go here and we are too far away from the Gates for her to go into the City. The school was interesting. When I get there they look at me and said “Well did you find her?”, then proceeded to ignore me. Now, I understand that this is my child, BUT when I send her to school I expect the people there to be able to corral the kids. Keep them from roaming off the campus. When I was a kid in school, the teachers didn’t play that shit. If they called you and you ignored them they would go to you and make sure you KNEW that they had spoken to you. The teacher that saw (and let) my child walk off campus told me that he told them to stop. The Girls (Oh yes, she had a friend that was with her. She was sick as well) ignored him and continued walking. The teacher told me that he said stop again, but they didn’t stop. He tried everything that he could. By saying that wonderful powerful word “stop”. I wanted to know if they used guns or knives. Did the Girls threaten him in any way that would have prevented him from going up to them and taking them (physically) into the principal’s office? I guess they heard the irritation in my voice. My point is this…We are living on the border. There are kids taken daily from this area. The school takes the responsibility of the children when they are dropped off at the school in the morning. They are especially responsible when a TEACHER sees the child walking their asses off the campus and only says “stop”. Needless to say I was beyond pissed. I was about to leave the school, call my job and tell them that I would not be coming in for work. I was planning on canvassing the whole Post to find The Girl just so I could kill her. It was at that moment I saw The Girl and her Friend walking up the path with The Friend’s Step-Father. He didn’t look at all concerned that he was bringing his daughter and my daughter BACK to school. He simply told me …”Well I told them if they had stomach aches then they should have gone to the Nurse and not come to my house.” Then he fucking smiled at me. I don’t know this man from a can of paint and he creeped me out big time. Any parent would have been beyond pissed off that their child decided that they would just leave school, but this guy wasn’t fazed. His kid does this all the time. MINE DOES NOT. My color started to show when I saw The Girl and they put me in a conference room with her so I could “discuss” her reasons for ditching. When I came out…Creepy Guy was gone, but not before he expressed his opinion of me to the Secretaries. He didn’t understand why I was so upset. The Girls were fine and they were back at school. I told the ladies that I didn’t know this man and my child should know better than to leave the school. I was worried. The secretaries agreed with me and said that this guy was strange and that his kids do this all the time. They thought it was great that I was so angry. I don’t care either way…if they were pleased or not. The Child knows better.
Anyway…I got a call from the Principal and he gave them a whole month of Saturday school. His logic on kids that skip…He will not suspend them because that is what they want. They are ditching school because they don’t want to be there. So he gives them extra school. Good man in my opinion. 😀
This is long…I am sorry. This happens whenever I don’t post for awhile and I have lots to say. It seems to me that I am being tag teamed by the Kids. One messes up while the other one is good. Then suddenly it is switched and the one that was good is now the one that is messing up. The one that is messing up is suddenly good. I think they are trying to see who can make my hair white first. They will never succeed as long as I have hair dye available to me.
I am at work so I need to wrap this one up…I will be back later.

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