I was able to rip the DVDs that I borrowed from my Sister in Law. Finally! I started to work out and then I look at the time. Soooo….I guess it will be a workout after work. I need to get in my cardio again. All this weight lifting is okay…but I need to cardio to burn off the fat. I am getting a little too much junk in my trunk. Now having a butt isn’t a bad thing…but I would love to be leaner. I am not sure if I will start extreme low carbing today or not. It is getting hard to resist the snack monster when I am sitting at my desk. I have an unlimited supply of low carb options since I am working at the Commissary, but I find myself drawn to the low fat Pringles they sell. I am addicted to Pringles and knowing that they are so close is hard to resist. Shit. I need another job just because I can buy potato chips so easily. I need to get back into ketosis. When I am in ketosis I can have a MOUNTAIN of Pringles in front of me and I will not want any. The only draw back is the stinky smell. I cannot stand the way that I smell when I am low carbing. It wasn’t a problem when the husband was away. The only thing that he knows is low carb works for me and I am in better shape than I was in July. He doesn’t know about the “animal” smell that comes with this way of eating. Animal smell is the only way that I can describe it. I smell like a carnivore…and that stinks people. I am going to TRY to get in my Coconut oil this morning. I built up a immunity to the taste and the feel in my mouth but now I cannot make myself swallow that crap. It is amazing the things that I will do all in the name of fat loss. Sigh.
I am still hopeful that everything is okay with my tax return. I did everything right, but I still get nervous that a mistake has been made and I will get picked for an audit. I will feel better once it has been processed and in my account.
I am cold and hyper…I need to workout but there is no time, so I will be getting ready for work. I think I will talk with the boss about coming in at 0930 everyday instead of 12 noon three days a week. The extra 6 hours will make a difference in my paycheck and I will probably not try so hard to look elsewhere for a job. I just have this feeling that she will tell me no. It is just a word, but NO stings so much when it is told to me.
I have to get dressed…
I will probably post from work if I have a chance. Tonight is a Gym night for me so I will be back later on if I don’t email an entry this afternoon.
Have a great day!!

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