HIGH SPEED…And filing the taxes…

I FINALLY GOT HIGH SPEED INTERNET!! I am so happy about this…I really do not know what to do with myself. It looked like I wouldn’t get it connected but the guy stayed longer than he should trying to get it right. The high speed came just in time for me to download my stuff and do my taxes. That is out of the way, but I had a headache trying to get it right. Since I had a hellish last half of 2005 trying to move and get settled I had expenses that I could claim. Trying to figure out exactly what I could claim was the hard part. I had never itemized anything before so I was a bit nervous about trying to itemize and making sure I had all the paperwork to back up what I was saying. When we came back to the States we had what we thought a nice sized nest egg to help us along with the expenses of moving and setting up house. That was a joke…by the time I actually made it to Arizona, the nest egg was diminished. Getting the car repaired, paying for a rental, and then trying to get a new car was unreal. Then the price of gas…I almost passed out when I saw exactly how much the gas was in the States. I had it good in Germany.
Anyhoo…what normally takes me a half hour turned into a day of calling my sister in law for advice (she itemizes) and calculating and recalculating my bottom line. I don’t want to be one of those people that make a mistake on the taxes…then end up getting audited. My sister in law thinks that I am nuts because I am worried about an audit. She told me that there are millions of white collar people out there making tens of thousands of dollars in deductions and claims…the IRS isn’t worried about my little 900.00 deduction. She may have a point, but I don’t like to mess with the Government…especially when it comes to taxes. My Mother taught me how to do my taxes, so I am extremely honest about what I do. For example…The Department of Defense has my home of record as New Orleans. My husband was slotted to come to Arizona in December. In the meantime he was in school from July until November and his family was supposed to stay in New Orleans until he could report for duty in December. Really cut and dry, right?? It was a perfect plan in the Army’s eyes…but what looks good on paper isn’t the fact. Katrina hit a week after I left to stay with my brother…I lost my cat and some of the things that I couldn’t take with me. Even though the Army had on record that I was in New Orleans I didn’t file for any assistance from the Red Cross and FEMA. I figured that there were many people out there that actually needed the assistance. I was sick when I was hearing that there were people making bogus claims just because they were from New Orleans. Now in the tax forms they are asking if you housed anyone who was a victim of the Hurricane. My brother wanted to claim me and the kids because technically I was a victim since my home of record happens to be in the disaster area and I was displaced. Technically I was affected, but I wasn’t affected because I left a week before I wanted to leave (I wanted to leave Labor Day weekend). I also HAD to be there (in December) but I decided to enroll the children in one school instead of enrolling them in Louisiana then leaving and putting them in a school in Arizona. I was displaced, but not because of the Hurricane. The Army had a lot to do with that situation. The Hurricane just made me not regret leaving the City when I did…if it would have spared the City I would still not have a place to live. We talked for about an hour and it was decided that they wouldn’t take the credit. In my eyes the credit isn’t worth the hassle. It seemed dishonest and going to jail or getting audited over 1500.00 isn’t worth it. The only thing that I claimed was the 96.00 that it cost to fly Iggy back to the States with me.
I am hoping to get my meager refund sometime in February. It will come in handy since I have some bills that need to be paid and gotten out of the way.
I am still truckin’ along with the part time job. I saw in my boss email that one of the places I applied for (FULLTIME) emailed her for a reference. She hasn’t emailed them back yet. I am not sure if I should ask her about this. She knows that I want a full time job, she even asked me if I was looking for something else. I am not going to lie to her…YES I AM. The position that I am holding was fulltime and SHE decided to make it part time. I took it because I had no choice and I had no income at the time. I hope she understands what my dilemma is at this time. I like it there but there are no hours. So now that I know she has this email sitting in her box and hasn’t answered these people back…I am starting to get more than a little irritated. I will hold my tongue for a minute and see what happens. Still no word on the Promotion Job that I interviewed for…they haven’t notified that they have made a decision so I am still hopeful that I will get this job.
I am about to send Tequila the Cat back to the Pound. He is insane. I want to send him back, but he does something that makes my heart melt every time I get fed up with him. He “hugs” me. Then starts to purr. That little stinker. I am having a problem with him eating his cat food. He just won’t eat it. He will beg for human food and then try to get into the trash bin and eat stuff out of there. I caught him with a loaf of bread in his mouth. He had made a hole in the bag and was eating the bread. Last week…he ate a Tootsie Pop. A sucker. What kind of a cat eats candy?? It is getting ridiculous around here. The Husband suggested that I take him to the Vet before I make the decision to kick him out of the house. I will never do him that since I fell in love with him…but the kids and husband don’t need to know that. I am seriously worried about him though…do cats get eating disorders?? I am thinking because he was a rescued stray that is why he is getting into everything and trying to eat everything in sight…I don’t know.
I have to get ready for work…I have a couple of people that need inprocessing. I actually like it there when they use me. I am a damned good Secretary….I just end up with bosses that like to do everything themselves since they never had a Secretary. I know that I will end up with someone who can’t wipe their own ass without help so I am grateful for what I have…for now.
I will be back later…being online is more pleasant since I got the upgrade with the Internet…

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