Good Thing…

Sometimes it is GREAT that I work for the Commissary.  Always first to know about the sales.  A never ending supply of options for lunch.  I don’t even have to make a special trip here to get dinner.  I leave my office and the Commissary is right there….LOVE IT!!  Today I am realizing another perk.  I have been waiting for them to put out the pizzas that they sell in the refrigerator.  It has been weeks, so I ask one of the Managers if they will ever get any in stock. *POOF* I have 4 pizzas sitting on my desk.  Dinner will rock tonight since it is just me and the kids.  I think adding a salad to the pizzas will make it healthier for the children.  I think I will make a potato and leek soup for myself.  It is starting to act like it is getting cold today.  There are rumors again of snow and rain.  RUMORS!  I don’t want to deal with snow around here, I have been trying to escape that stuff since Ft. Drum.&n bsp; I haven’t shoveled in 4 years and I want to keep it that way.

I think the kids and I will watch the Fantastic Four tonight.  Their Paw is on Staff Duty so that means he will not be home until tomorrow.  Fine by me since I love sleep.  It is a rarity that I get to bed before Midnight these days so when I can get it I am stoked.  Just haven’t been as whipped as I usually am when I get off of work these days.  I can thank the exercise for that.  I am planning on doing The Firm this evening since the Husband is working tonight.  I really need to up my cardio to lose some of the fat that just won’t go away.  I don’t care if they say that I am genetically predisposed to having fat on my side.  I will fight this will all my being, that or see if I can get liposuction.

I just received this in my email.  It sound a lot like a urban legend, but I am living in the middle of the Desert where it gets so dark that it is like ADVANCED DARKNESS.  Darker than dark I tell you…I will post it since I am not sure if there are other people that live in Arizona that read my blog.  Like I said…It reads like an urban legend.  Better to be safe than sorry…

> This is a message I received from my friend’s husband, who works for
> customs in Cochise County.  If you receive this and you don’t live in
> Sierra Vista, I am sending this to you because you may know someone in
> the Sierra Vista area who should be notified.
> Thanks,
> Kristin
> Junior (a coworker) says there is an unmarked car pulling women over in
> the
> SV area.  It only has red/blues on the dash.  He tried with Junior’s
> wife, but she waited to pull over in a lighted area and he left. SVPD
> has some leads, but remind everyone not to pull over until they are
> comfortable with the area especially at night and an unmarked car.
> Everyone please be careful.  This is real – we know these people.


See what I mean??  Just like an urban legend.  It is almost time for me to get my butt out of here.  I also have to locate a great recipe for a Potato and Leek Soup.  I just have that taste in my mouth.  It is great that I know how to cook.  Those Culinary Arts classes did some good for me.  I can make my own stuff and pay a tenth of what I would pay in a restaurant.  Yum!

Since I husband will be at work I will be online with my Yahoo messanger on…Hope to chat with my friends in Europe…

Later Friends…

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