BBQ Baby!!

I went to Outback last night with the kids and the husband to celebrate his birthday…It was late but we had to wait for us to get paid. Us. Getting paid. I may complain a bit but it sure feels good to say US when I say “getting paid” and I really mean it. There are some wives around that tend to speak French when it is payday. They don’t work but they sure in the hell use Qui (WE) a lot…like “Qui are getting paid” “Qui are getting promoted””Qui are going downrange” I have never been good at the languages…even took a French class in college and I never picked it up. It is a phenomenon that happens to some military wives …they pick up French and stop being an individual…hence the “WE” thing. Sorry I got sidetracked again.
Anyway…I went to Outback, spent way too much money and decided that I could put my Culinary Arts experience to good use. I bought a grill. A teeny one…not worthy of the grill that my brother has…but it is a grill. AAFES had one that was sitting around since the Summer and I got it with 25% off. I am happy. It is like pulling teeth to get anything off of anything that they sell. Even when they put the little sticker on the items that they want to put on sale they sometimes question if they actually did it. Yep…It is that bad. I am grilling chicken right now and I am sure that the coyotes will be around in no time. It smells that good. I am thinking about making some potato salad as well because it is a little warm around here. It was this afternoon anyway and that is what made me get the grill. There are rumors that it may rain tonight. That is an event here in Arizona since it rains only during certain times of the year. I am convinced it is because I decided to BBQ something…:D I am starting to think I affect weather patterns. That is another story for later…but it is strange that the weather acts loopy anytime I am around.
I am off to check on my chicken and I will be back later…I hope to stay online for more than a minute today…

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