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I just finished reading a magazine (yep it is THAT busy here) and I found out that they are now selling Winsor Pilates for 9.95.  The WHOLE freaking program.  I feel like an ass because I spent the full amount.  It is a good workout…you just have to get past the fact that Mari Winsor looks like the Psychic Sylvia Browne.  I swear to God she looks just like that woman.  When I would do the workout I would always start laughing saying that it must be Mari’s Spirit Guide making her body do the things that they are doing.  It is very distracting.  But…9.95 for everything??  The PX has it on sale for more than that…and usually when something gets there it ahs been drastically cut…

I also read that there are contacts for people with kerataconus.  It is a disorder that I have that will eventually cause me to become blind.  I have had two surgeries so far and I am starting to see things through cotton again.  My head is constantly hurting because I can’t take the light.  Seeing things through cotton or the way they filmed Elizabeth Taylor in the “White Diamonds” commercials is the only way I can explain how I see the World these days.  I have a choice…I can go through the extreme pain of the surgeries again (this time I have teenagers that can help me) or I can spend the same amount of money for a contact lens that is state of the art.  It doesn’t rest on the Cornea…it is made of liquid…and it corrects the vision to better than 20/20.  I would give my right tit for that kind of vision.  I don’t think that Tricare will cover the expense…but I think it will be worth a shot.  I really do not think I can go through another corneal transplant.  There is no way to discribe the pain that is involved after the surgery.

Lemme see…Oh yeah.  We got the letter from AAFES saying that they want their money for the merchandise that The Boy helped himself to…$25.60.  Reasonable?? Right??  I thought so too until I saw the Administrative Fee…$200.00.  A 1000% charge for a fee.  They said that I can appeal the decision…talk to the General Manager about their fee, but I am thinking that I will not.  I already know what the response will be…Your child stole from us.  If he wouldn’t have taken the merchandise then you wouldn’t be assessed the fee.  You are lucky that we didn’t revoke YOUR priveledges. Blah, blah,blah.   The letter came registered mail…I had to sign for it and it had Loss Prevention on the front.  So in the end the Parents were punished for what the child has done.  You know what??  I have to agree with all of this.  The Boy is MY responsibility…so any embarassment that comes out of it has to taken on the chin by the parents.  I guess this 200.00 fee is a way to make sure we keep that leash on the kid.  The Boy has forever LOST his new MP3 player.  If I have to pay that much money for his screw-ups then I will be the proud owner of a new MP3 player.  I don’t agree with the amount that they charged me, but I am dealing with AAFES and they do not change any policy that they have in place.  They know that as long as my husband is in the Army (and People…he is INDEFINITE, that means until the ARMY gets sick of his ass) they can pretty much demand what they want and he has to comply.  So far the backlash from all of this is still minimal.  The Husband could have lost his Platoon Sgt (Plat Daddy) position because of this.  I know that he still can…but right now he is still there, not fired so to speak.  This could have affected my quest for a Secret Clearance…a lot more people could have seen this.  So I am grateful that this is restricted.  Thank God for that…

There will still be a Court Date that The Boy has to keep…and he WILL be getting Community Service.  Just one more slap at him to make sure he knows that stealing is wrong.  I hope they make him paint the rocks outside the post. Then when they are finished…make him scrub them and repaint them.  He needs something strenous to happen to him to make him regret ever stealing.  His priviledges are revoked for 6 months …so he won’t see the inside of ANY AAFES establishment until this Summer. 

I have 10 minutes before I leave this place and enjoy a 3 day weekend.  I need some time to clean the house and do my floors.  I am starting to believe that it is my children and my husband that are the Hurricanes that live in my house.  Before he came home my place was serene and orderly.  Now I am surprised when the house stays orderly for more than 24 hours.  My foot is going down this weekend and I have the perfect person to slave out…The Boy.  He may not have started his Community Service for the Army…but it has already begun in my little Casa.

I am about to leave here…if I get online at home I will be back later!



  1. I find that the one thing that came good out of my son’s stealing is that I have less stuff to do at home now. He has a lot of new chores to do around the house. The bad thing is that I am losing my partner in a lot of the things I do because he lost all those privleges as well.
    Gotta love the AAFES stores. Glad I’m not there to deal with that anymore. Only good thing about them is that where I was stationed it was a “dry” county so there was no alchohol to be sold on Sun. except for on base.

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