I should…

  • be getting ready for work
  • exercising
  • eating breakfast
  • anything other than this…

But I miss being on my computer. This is the only time that I can post without the entire family on my back watching what I am doing. The husband had a birthday on Tuesday…39 years old. He mention that I have been with him literally half my life. Whoa! I mention to him that I have been with him almost as long. Things on the homefront are better…what the hell…it is like Utopia here compared to a year ago. Something changed and we are back to what we used to be. We are talking, smiling, affectionate, enjoying each other’s company. It feels good to start the day without the stomachache that I always had. 😀 Thank Goodness for Arizona. I like it here and the kids like it here. I have a great house that I am keeping like a showpiece because people seem to want to drop by and see the husband.

This is just a little post because I really have to get ready for work.

I will be back later…

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