Fushing Feef!!

My son…OMG that child does not want to live very long. This Saturday he decided that he needed to go to the PX (after his father and myself told him HELL NO!) while we were at a function that was deemed “adults only” and was a mandatory fun type thing. Shit. That is all I can say about yesterday…shit. I come home from work yesterday after dealing with the lovely IG people (they come in and make sure everything is up to par at work…which needless to say was messed up like a soup sandwich…but I digress) I was ready to relax and forget about the day. My daughter was home and my son was at the park listening to his music…or so I thought. I get a call from an INVESTIGATOR at the MP station. Apparently they have my son. It seems that the Genius decided that he wanted to partake in the treasures of the PX without paying. The goddamned child was picked up for shoplifting. Not yesterday…but on Saturday when we were at the Commander’s house putting on a dog and pony show. The child decided to go (on his own after I told him NO) and look at a couple of CDs. Decided that he just needed them right then and there…and stole them. I saw the tape and he wasn’t very good at it (Thank God) but he got away before they could get the MPs there to pick him up. So what does the brilliant child of mine do?? He goes back to the PX and the Loss Prevention people picked his ass up. Good. Now I am waiting for him at the MP station…he sees me and doesn’t want to get out of the car. (Smart on his part because I was going to kill him in front of the MP station) The investigator sees my face and parks himself between The Boy and Me (while I am smacking him upside the head asking him if he has lost his ENTIRE FUCKING MIND) and tells me to calm down. Calm down?? Right. You aren’t sitting in front of the MP station looking at your child…and by the way this isn’t your child. I had him and I have the right to murder him if I want to…once again I am off the subject…sorry.
So we walk into the MP station and the mere sight of the child is making me want to launch myself on him and whup his behind. They park his ass on a seat and make me sit on the other side of the room while I am hissing at him. They ask me what I want to do with him (besides beating him) because he admitted to it and it wasn’t that much money. I don’t care if it was a nickel …he still took without paying. So we call his father…and we come up with something. They made him write out a statement…they read him his rights and in lieu of paying a fine they will make him do community service (picking up trash, cutting grass, washing cars). He is not allowed in the PX without his parents and on our end the child has lost everything that he has…plus he is on lockdown. Gonna check in with me and his father every 15 minutes…the child will not see the light of day for a long time. I am sure he has a headache from me knocking him upside the head (If I could have knocked him out I would have) His father took him on a mountain (there are paths to go up there) and told him that he could throw him off the cliff and noone would know the difference, and the little social life that he had is now nonexistent. He wanted to fit in with his buddies…he is a dumbass because he was the one that was picked up. He wanted to be a thug…but became a little boy really quick. I have been eating motrin since last night and I still have a headache. I am so disappointed in him right now…for doing something so stupid. If he wanted something all he needed to do was ask…but in the name of fitting in he decided to listen to his friends. On a better note…the hanging jeans and big clothes were non-issue this morning. His whole attitude has changed…I hope this is a permanent thing. The one thing that saved his ass from getting “wall-to-wall” counseling from his father was the fact that he actually looked contrite, he admitted to everything, and the Army frowns on beating your kids until they aren’t breathing anymore. I still tried to knock some sense into that granite grape inside his head that is posing as a brain. I am not in the Army…
I need more Motrin…so I will be back later.



  1. Rebecca says:

    What the FREAK was he thinking!!!?!??!? He’s smarter then that.
    I guess you just have to chalk this up to being a teenager and THANK GOODNESS it won’t be on his permanent record.

  2. Interesting. We seem to be going through the same thing with our oldest son. Except instead of stealing from other people he is stealing from us. Several hundred dollars worth of jewelery. I’m sure he’s younger than your son too. He’s been on lock down for over a month now. Lost all privelages except for doing chores.
    Good luck. If you find a solution let me know. He’s seeing a counselor through the school district but that just started.

  3. Robin says:

    This all started when he was taken off the medication that he was on…the child was diagnosed or misdiagnosed with Autism. They say that he is ADHD, but they want to wait until the other medication is out of his system. My son is 14 years old and seems to me he doesn’t want to make it to 15. I found that taking all the things that he deems important in his teenage life is working. It seems sometimes that he and his sister are in competition as to who can do the worst and make my blood pressure go up. He has started to see a couselor at the school and that seems to help since he is getting all the frustration out. He is trying to fit in with a crowd. It seems to me that any crowd will do for this child and for me that is not acceptable. He is Hispanic and Black (Biracial) and he cannot seem to find a circle of friends that cannot look at him for who he is but unfortunately for “what” he is…right now (well not now) he is trying to be a thug…and that is a fight in my house because he just isn’t what he is trying to be…thuggish.
    I am glad that this is a restricted thing and it will not go on his record. The child has so much intelligence to let it all go to shit because he is trying to act cool…

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