Watching The History Channel

…UGH! I love watching documentaries…but during the beginning of the year, every year they start talking about the end of days. Nostradamus, The Bible Code, blah blah blah. According to the Bible Code a comet will annihilate (yes, ANNIHILATE, such a harsh word) the Earth in the year 2012. Ugh. Now they are studying Nostradamus again….depressing.
I think people will find anything if that is what they are looking for…so if you are looking for disaster…then you will find it. I prefer to be blissfully unaware. If a comet is coming I want it to hit the Earth suddenly…not have a date. I think that if you know your future, you will have no future. Also if you think you know your future then you will do everything (subconsciously) to make it happen. How fecking macabre…
I think I will stick with the Game Show Network…

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