2006 is finally here and I am feeling really good about this one. Last night I had a migraine from Hell…and a mean assed attitude. I went by my brother’s house and we sat there until midnight. We had some ribs but no sides and they were basically asleep before midnight. What a quiet way to being in the year. We came home and The Husband fell asleep on my hip on the couch while I watched a movie called The Big Empty, but I couldn’t tell you what it was about. Proceeded upstairs where I put on a movie (not sure which one) and fell asleep (with 1600 mg of Motrin in my system). This morning I awoke and discovered that Aunt Flo is starting, but I am feeling like a human again. Not bitchy, not pissy, but really human. I am starting to realize that the only time I get into arguments with the husband…my period starts the next day. An unscientific deduction I guess. One of the things on my list to do is go and see a plumbing doctor. I am sick of feeling unlike myself every time I am about to get my period.
I have some clothes that I need to get into my dressers…my husband is watching a game and I will also be putting together a bed.
I don’t even have a hangover to contend with…so there is no excuse not to take care of the chores. The kids go back to school on Tuesday and I also go back to work. I will probably hear something from the Powers that Be because I called out sick. I had the time…so I am not really that worried about this whole thing.
I am also starting a new cardio/weightlifting based program this year because I want to lean up. Taebo will be a bog part of all of this…
I hope everyone had a great night and will have a great year…
I will be back later….

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