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Really Trying Here…

I am really really trying to do the right thing and eat the low carb way.  Today so far a bad piece of food hasn’t passed my lips, but it is getting harder to resist the calling of the chips.  Today someone told me that I am getting skinny…WOOHOO!!  I love when someone tells me what I am looking like because I am still suffering from the “fat eyes” syndrome.  I think I will stick with the extreme low carb thing and eat some chicken for lunch.  I have to look over my Atkins books since it has been a minute since I have inducted.  I can’t wait to get back into ketosis.

I am still being a chicken shit about going to the boss and asking for 30 hours instead of the 24 that I am getting.  As I have said before, NO hurts my feelings.  I have a great case to raise my hours.  The ladies in the office are starting to do their leave and it would be great to have the extra help.  I would also be below the 32 hour limit of the part time creature.  I know that asking her for 40 hours is out of the question…right now.  But what I am asking for is 6 extra hours a week.  I am sure that will not kill them financially.  In the meantime I will keep submitting my resumes and cross my fingers for a 40 hour a week job.  I am still making more than I would working full time on the economy…so for that I am grateful…

I need to get something inside my stomach before I submit to the cravings for sugar and flour.  I will be back later


I was able to rip the DVDs that I borrowed from my Sister in Law. Finally! I started to work out and then I look at the time. Soooo….I guess it will be a workout after work. I need to get in my cardio again. All this weight lifting is okay…but I need to cardio to burn off the fat. I am getting a little too much junk in my trunk. Now having a butt isn’t a bad thing…but I would love to be leaner. I am not sure if I will start extreme low carbing today or not. It is getting hard to resist the snack monster when I am sitting at my desk. I have an unlimited supply of low carb options since I am working at the Commissary, but I find myself drawn to the low fat Pringles they sell. I am addicted to Pringles and knowing that they are so close is hard to resist. Shit. I need another job just because I can buy potato chips so easily. I need to get back into ketosis. When I am in ketosis I can have a MOUNTAIN of Pringles in front of me and I will not want any. The only draw back is the stinky smell. I cannot stand the way that I smell when I am low carbing. It wasn’t a problem when the husband was away. The only thing that he knows is low carb works for me and I am in better shape than I was in July. He doesn’t know about the “animal” smell that comes with this way of eating. Animal smell is the only way that I can describe it. I smell like a carnivore…and that stinks people. I am going to TRY to get in my Coconut oil this morning. I built up a immunity to the taste and the feel in my mouth but now I cannot make myself swallow that crap. It is amazing the things that I will do all in the name of fat loss. Sigh.
I am still hopeful that everything is okay with my tax return. I did everything right, but I still get nervous that a mistake has been made and I will get picked for an audit. I will feel better once it has been processed and in my account.
I am cold and hyper…I need to workout but there is no time, so I will be getting ready for work. I think I will talk with the boss about coming in at 0930 everyday instead of 12 noon three days a week. The extra 6 hours will make a difference in my paycheck and I will probably not try so hard to look elsewhere for a job. I just have this feeling that she will tell me no. It is just a word, but NO stings so much when it is told to me.
I have to get dressed…
I will probably post from work if I have a chance. Tonight is a Gym night for me so I will be back later on if I don’t email an entry this afternoon.
Have a great day!!

Good Thing…

Sometimes it is GREAT that I work for the Commissary.  Always first to know about the sales.  A never ending supply of options for lunch.  I don’t even have to make a special trip here to get dinner.  I leave my office and the Commissary is right there….LOVE IT!!  Today I am realizing another perk.  I have been waiting for them to put out the pizzas that they sell in the refrigerator.  It has been weeks, so I ask one of the Managers if they will ever get any in stock. *POOF* I have 4 pizzas sitting on my desk.  Dinner will rock tonight since it is just me and the kids.  I think adding a salad to the pizzas will make it healthier for the children.  I think I will make a potato and leek soup for myself.  It is starting to act like it is getting cold today.  There are rumors again of snow and rain.  RUMORS!  I don’t want to deal with snow around here, I have been trying to escape that stuff since Ft. Drum.&n bsp; I haven’t shoveled in 4 years and I want to keep it that way.

I think the kids and I will watch the Fantastic Four tonight.  Their Paw is on Staff Duty so that means he will not be home until tomorrow.  Fine by me since I love sleep.  It is a rarity that I get to bed before Midnight these days so when I can get it I am stoked.  Just haven’t been as whipped as I usually am when I get off of work these days.  I can thank the exercise for that.  I am planning on doing The Firm this evening since the Husband is working tonight.  I really need to up my cardio to lose some of the fat that just won’t go away.  I don’t care if they say that I am genetically predisposed to having fat on my side.  I will fight this will all my being, that or see if I can get liposuction.

I just received this in my email.  It sound a lot like a urban legend, but I am living in the middle of the Desert where it gets so dark that it is like ADVANCED DARKNESS.  Darker than dark I tell you…I will post it since I am not sure if there are other people that live in Arizona that read my blog.  Like I said…It reads like an urban legend.  Better to be safe than sorry…

> This is a message I received from my friend’s husband, who works for
> customs in Cochise County.  If you receive this and you don’t live in
> Sierra Vista, I am sending this to you because you may know someone in
> the Sierra Vista area who should be notified.
> Thanks,
> Kristin
> Junior (a coworker) says there is an unmarked car pulling women over in
> the
> SV area.  It only has red/blues on the dash.  He tried with Junior’s
> wife, but she waited to pull over in a lighted area and he left. SVPD
> has some leads, but remind everyone not to pull over until they are
> comfortable with the area especially at night and an unmarked car.
> Everyone please be careful.  This is real – we know these people.


See what I mean??  Just like an urban legend.  It is almost time for me to get my butt out of here.  I also have to locate a great recipe for a Potato and Leek Soup.  I just have that taste in my mouth.  It is great that I know how to cook.  Those Culinary Arts classes did some good for me.  I can make my own stuff and pay a tenth of what I would pay in a restaurant.  Yum!

Since I husband will be at work I will be online with my Yahoo messanger on…Hope to chat with my friends in Europe…

Later Friends…

HIGH SPEED…And filing the taxes…

I FINALLY GOT HIGH SPEED INTERNET!! I am so happy about this…I really do not know what to do with myself. It looked like I wouldn’t get it connected but the guy stayed longer than he should trying to get it right. The high speed came just in time for me to download my stuff and do my taxes. That is out of the way, but I had a headache trying to get it right. Since I had a hellish last half of 2005 trying to move and get settled I had expenses that I could claim. Trying to figure out exactly what I could claim was the hard part. I had never itemized anything before so I was a bit nervous about trying to itemize and making sure I had all the paperwork to back up what I was saying. When we came back to the States we had what we thought a nice sized nest egg to help us along with the expenses of moving and setting up house. That was a joke…by the time I actually made it to Arizona, the nest egg was diminished. Getting the car repaired, paying for a rental, and then trying to get a new car was unreal. Then the price of gas…I almost passed out when I saw exactly how much the gas was in the States. I had it good in Germany.
Anyhoo…what normally takes me a half hour turned into a day of calling my sister in law for advice (she itemizes) and calculating and recalculating my bottom line. I don’t want to be one of those people that make a mistake on the taxes…then end up getting audited. My sister in law thinks that I am nuts because I am worried about an audit. She told me that there are millions of white collar people out there making tens of thousands of dollars in deductions and claims…the IRS isn’t worried about my little 900.00 deduction. She may have a point, but I don’t like to mess with the Government…especially when it comes to taxes. My Mother taught me how to do my taxes, so I am extremely honest about what I do. For example…The Department of Defense has my home of record as New Orleans. My husband was slotted to come to Arizona in December. In the meantime he was in school from July until November and his family was supposed to stay in New Orleans until he could report for duty in December. Really cut and dry, right?? It was a perfect plan in the Army’s eyes…but what looks good on paper isn’t the fact. Katrina hit a week after I left to stay with my brother…I lost my cat and some of the things that I couldn’t take with me. Even though the Army had on record that I was in New Orleans I didn’t file for any assistance from the Red Cross and FEMA. I figured that there were many people out there that actually needed the assistance. I was sick when I was hearing that there were people making bogus claims just because they were from New Orleans. Now in the tax forms they are asking if you housed anyone who was a victim of the Hurricane. My brother wanted to claim me and the kids because technically I was a victim since my home of record happens to be in the disaster area and I was displaced. Technically I was affected, but I wasn’t affected because I left a week before I wanted to leave (I wanted to leave Labor Day weekend). I also HAD to be there (in December) but I decided to enroll the children in one school instead of enrolling them in Louisiana then leaving and putting them in a school in Arizona. I was displaced, but not because of the Hurricane. The Army had a lot to do with that situation. The Hurricane just made me not regret leaving the City when I did…if it would have spared the City I would still not have a place to live. We talked for about an hour and it was decided that they wouldn’t take the credit. In my eyes the credit isn’t worth the hassle. It seemed dishonest and going to jail or getting audited over 1500.00 isn’t worth it. The only thing that I claimed was the 96.00 that it cost to fly Iggy back to the States with me.
I am hoping to get my meager refund sometime in February. It will come in handy since I have some bills that need to be paid and gotten out of the way.
I am still truckin’ along with the part time job. I saw in my boss email that one of the places I applied for (FULLTIME) emailed her for a reference. She hasn’t emailed them back yet. I am not sure if I should ask her about this. She knows that I want a full time job, she even asked me if I was looking for something else. I am not going to lie to her…YES I AM. The position that I am holding was fulltime and SHE decided to make it part time. I took it because I had no choice and I had no income at the time. I hope she understands what my dilemma is at this time. I like it there but there are no hours. So now that I know she has this email sitting in her box and hasn’t answered these people back…I am starting to get more than a little irritated. I will hold my tongue for a minute and see what happens. Still no word on the Promotion Job that I interviewed for…they haven’t notified that they have made a decision so I am still hopeful that I will get this job.
I am about to send Tequila the Cat back to the Pound. He is insane. I want to send him back, but he does something that makes my heart melt every time I get fed up with him. He “hugs” me. Then starts to purr. That little stinker. I am having a problem with him eating his cat food. He just won’t eat it. He will beg for human food and then try to get into the trash bin and eat stuff out of there. I caught him with a loaf of bread in his mouth. He had made a hole in the bag and was eating the bread. Last week…he ate a Tootsie Pop. A sucker. What kind of a cat eats candy?? It is getting ridiculous around here. The Husband suggested that I take him to the Vet before I make the decision to kick him out of the house. I will never do him that since I fell in love with him…but the kids and husband don’t need to know that. I am seriously worried about him though…do cats get eating disorders?? I am thinking because he was a rescued stray that is why he is getting into everything and trying to eat everything in sight…I don’t know.
I have to get ready for work…I have a couple of people that need inprocessing. I actually like it there when they use me. I am a damned good Secretary….I just end up with bosses that like to do everything themselves since they never had a Secretary. I know that I will end up with someone who can’t wipe their own ass without help so I am grateful for what I have…for now.
I will be back later…being online is more pleasant since I got the upgrade with the Internet…

Dang! Another one…

That child of mine…The Girl this time.  Well, I received an email from The Girl’s science teacher telling me that The Girl’s project was missing lots of key elements…making her grade a C.  The Girl now has until Valentine’s Day to get in the missing work in order to bring up the project grade.

I am so tired of that child THINKING that I fell off the turnip truck.  I had a feeling that she didn’t do what she was supposed to do, but I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t do the work for her.  She procrastinated and bullshitted around until the last minute resulting in a Science project that has a D for a grade.  It feels good to know that my husband got the email as well…I am so tired of dealing with one thing after another with these kids.  I have seriously washed my hands of some things and The Girl and her schoolwork is one of them.  I wonder what her excuse will be this time?? It will be a good one, better be anyway…

Moving on (my blood pressure is going up)

I have success in locating HIGH SPEED INTERNET.  (Doing the Snoopy Dance)  I have looked high and low with no success.  I was about to pony up the money for DirectWay (satellite Internet access…high as giraffe nani) when something told me to call the cable company again.  I am kicking myself in the ass for getting Direct TV because I could have gotten the cable and the High Speed Internet for about the same price that I am paying for Direct TV.  Anyway…I am getting High Speed Cable Internet installed on Sunday.  No more freaking dial up.  I can download things, use my Internet telephone and I can finally get rid of AOL.  I was going to put the Internet in The Girl’s room but after this foolishness I will not.  It saves me money…

I am posting from work (via email) so I am going to wrap this up.  It has been eventful today…two cashiers were caught “Sweethearting”.  That is when you go to a friend of yours and have them ring you up.  The person ringing you up doesn’t scan everything so it is in fact shoplifting.  The young ladies had two full baskets of groceries…totaling to over 250.00 and the girl only paid 70.00 for it.  Terrible.  Not worth the aggravation or the blackballing from the Commissary.  It gets better.  The MPs had to be called.  There was no way around that fact…and I guess there is only one Investigator in the MP station. Imagine the look on my face when I greet the MPs and the dude that picked up my son is the same person that came here to pick up the cashiers.  He looked at me…I looked at him…and the only thing that I could say was “It’s not me or anyone in the family.  Trust me I don’t have a theft ring set up!”  He started to laugh and that made me feel better…makes me want to go home and throw The Boy out of the window.  It is the little things that set me off…

Hey!  It is time for me to get off work.  I hope tomorrow will be okay.  I have to come in at 0700 and it looks like it will be a long day for me.

I will be back later…

Dying here…

I hate when it is right after lunch…kinda quiet and cold in my office. I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open and that is a first after a long time. It would be very easy for me to skip my workout, but I won’t because I like that I am able to wear normal looking things again. But this being sleepy thing?? I haven’t felt like that in a long time. It seems like the time will not move forward…
Just found out that I have to bring a plate tomorrow…something that I do not feel like doing. I barely know the man that is leaving, but because I am in Admin I am required to bring something…
Shit…eyes are closing. I need to take a walk…

No Point…just rambling

Hello Folks…blogging from work again!  They gave me Internet access, but with all the warnings that they give you it makes you NOT want to have anything to do with dot-com addresses.  So I am going to keep blogging via email.  Makes it easier for me and I really do not feel like dealing with my Boss if they decide to tell her what I am doing…plus if they do say something I am using a dot-mil address.

Moving the Hell on from that one…

So I am up at the ass crack of dawn again this week.  I have no idea why I am waking up so easily (especially since I am working out like crazy) and I notice the informercial for TurboJam.  I ALMOST picked up the phone and ordered the set…but something made me look closely at the workout.  It is just like the Taebo of 1999/2000.  Basically, kickboxing to music.  I have a crapload of Taebo VHS and DVDs and I basically forgot about them…until…I saw this spastic woman doing something that looked exactly like Taebo.  Informercials are dangerous to me at the ass crack of dawn.  Thank God I had the husband asking me the age old question “Where’s my PT strap??” to get my attention from the television.  That question this morning is telling me that things are slowly going back to normal around here.  I stilll couldn’t tell him where it was other than my age old answer “It is where it is at!” I’m sorry, but at 0445 in the morning I am not that pleasant…

Has anyone seen the informerical for the two different belts that are supposed to make you thin??  One requires you electrocute yourself and the other requires baking yourself.  I can’t see doing either to lose inches off my waist.  The electrocution method is just insane and you can tell that it hurts from the reaction on their faces.  What is passing for smiles looks just like grimaces of pain.  The baking method is basically putting an electric blanket on your waist and sweating the pounds off.  As soon as you hydrate yourself you will have the same old puffy waist again.  I cannot understand why no one is pushing exercise and diet.  That is the only way to lose weight safely and permanantly…plus it is way cheaper than 4 easy payments of 39.99. I am still a low carb advocate, but I am now leaning more towards good carbs and good fats other than no carbs at all.  I am finding that my workouts are harder when I restrict all carbs.  I have also stopped looking at the damned scale.  The last time I got on it, it showed a gain but my clothes are looser.  So adios to the lying glass and metal monster…hello to push ups and crunches.  That reminds me…I have a push up intensive day today…no way am I going to punk out of this one.  No matter how much it hurts, I guess I will just buy stock in Ben Gay…

I also read in the news that Mayor Nagin (of New Orleans, my hometown) made the major faux pas of saying that New Orleans will be a chocolate city again…Um, yeah right.  I didn’t know that was the flavor of the city.  Chocolate?? The last time I was there it was just dirty so I guess it was a Mississippi Mud kind of flavor. Not the best thing to spout on MLK Day with the press surrounding him.  I really believe that he is losing his mind or he is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.  It is feasible that is what has happened to him…especially with statements like that. The man was not immune to the destruction and he was there throughout the whole mess.   It is not God’s Will that the City be chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, or whatever…I think it should just be a City.  If you go to then you can see the entire speech and then see his backpedaling from what he said.  I am a proud chocolate (black, african american, creole…whatever is the PC thing to say these days) woman and I can say with certainty if the Mayor was white and said that “The City will be Vanilla (or French Vanilla) again ”  That particular person would cease being Mayor and  everyone would want his head on a stick.  If he doesn’t have a speech writer then he should get one and if he has one then that writer should be slapped  several times about the head and shoulders with the speech just to make sure he doesn’t do it again.  Nagin really should have stripped down naked, smeared himself with peanut butter and ran through the streets of New Orleans reciting all 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins.  That is the only way that his comments would have made sense and his Political Career NOT be in shambles.  People would then look at this and say…”That was messed up…but look at him!  He is obviously NOT is control of all his mental facilities!  That explains that chocolate comment…”  Lordy…it is a shame that things happened the way that they did for New Orleans…but we all knew that the Big One would hit. “We” being the Locals… New Orleans will be back.  The City is one of the older ones in the United States…it has been through lots.  The City will thrive…as a flavor or not…But this is my opinion.  My mouth is still open from that speech…

I have rambled on long enough and I actually have to get some things done.  I will definitely be online tonight.  I am going to start documenting my workouts so I can see where I am going.  I will also post my workout so you guys can see how hard I am working and all my bitching is justified.  😀  That or if you are interested in trying a “old school” Army PT workout then it is there for the using…



BBQ Baby!!

I went to Outback last night with the kids and the husband to celebrate his birthday…It was late but we had to wait for us to get paid. Us. Getting paid. I may complain a bit but it sure feels good to say US when I say “getting paid” and I really mean it. There are some wives around that tend to speak French when it is payday. They don’t work but they sure in the hell use Qui (WE) a lot…like “Qui are getting paid” “Qui are getting promoted””Qui are going downrange” I have never been good at the languages…even took a French class in college and I never picked it up. It is a phenomenon that happens to some military wives …they pick up French and stop being an individual…hence the “WE” thing. Sorry I got sidetracked again.
Anyway…I went to Outback, spent way too much money and decided that I could put my Culinary Arts experience to good use. I bought a grill. A teeny one…not worthy of the grill that my brother has…but it is a grill. AAFES had one that was sitting around since the Summer and I got it with 25% off. I am happy. It is like pulling teeth to get anything off of anything that they sell. Even when they put the little sticker on the items that they want to put on sale they sometimes question if they actually did it. Yep…It is that bad. I am grilling chicken right now and I am sure that the coyotes will be around in no time. It smells that good. I am thinking about making some potato salad as well because it is a little warm around here. It was this afternoon anyway and that is what made me get the grill. There are rumors that it may rain tonight. That is an event here in Arizona since it rains only during certain times of the year. I am convinced it is because I decided to BBQ something…:D I am starting to think I affect weather patterns. That is another story for later…but it is strange that the weather acts loopy anytime I am around.
I am off to check on my chicken and I will be back later…I hope to stay online for more than a minute today…

Work Entry

I just finished reading a magazine (yep it is THAT busy here) and I found out that they are now selling Winsor Pilates for 9.95.  The WHOLE freaking program.  I feel like an ass because I spent the full amount.  It is a good workout…you just have to get past the fact that Mari Winsor looks like the Psychic Sylvia Browne.  I swear to God she looks just like that woman.  When I would do the workout I would always start laughing saying that it must be Mari’s Spirit Guide making her body do the things that they are doing.  It is very distracting.  But…9.95 for everything??  The PX has it on sale for more than that…and usually when something gets there it ahs been drastically cut…

I also read that there are contacts for people with kerataconus.  It is a disorder that I have that will eventually cause me to become blind.  I have had two surgeries so far and I am starting to see things through cotton again.  My head is constantly hurting because I can’t take the light.  Seeing things through cotton or the way they filmed Elizabeth Taylor in the “White Diamonds” commercials is the only way I can explain how I see the World these days.  I have a choice…I can go through the extreme pain of the surgeries again (this time I have teenagers that can help me) or I can spend the same amount of money for a contact lens that is state of the art.  It doesn’t rest on the Cornea…it is made of liquid…and it corrects the vision to better than 20/20.  I would give my right tit for that kind of vision.  I don’t think that Tricare will cover the expense…but I think it will be worth a shot.  I really do not think I can go through another corneal transplant.  There is no way to discribe the pain that is involved after the surgery.

Lemme see…Oh yeah.  We got the letter from AAFES saying that they want their money for the merchandise that The Boy helped himself to…$25.60.  Reasonable?? Right??  I thought so too until I saw the Administrative Fee…$200.00.  A 1000% charge for a fee.  They said that I can appeal the decision…talk to the General Manager about their fee, but I am thinking that I will not.  I already know what the response will be…Your child stole from us.  If he wouldn’t have taken the merchandise then you wouldn’t be assessed the fee.  You are lucky that we didn’t revoke YOUR priveledges. Blah, blah,blah.   The letter came registered mail…I had to sign for it and it had Loss Prevention on the front.  So in the end the Parents were punished for what the child has done.  You know what??  I have to agree with all of this.  The Boy is MY responsibility…so any embarassment that comes out of it has to taken on the chin by the parents.  I guess this 200.00 fee is a way to make sure we keep that leash on the kid.  The Boy has forever LOST his new MP3 player.  If I have to pay that much money for his screw-ups then I will be the proud owner of a new MP3 player.  I don’t agree with the amount that they charged me, but I am dealing with AAFES and they do not change any policy that they have in place.  They know that as long as my husband is in the Army (and People…he is INDEFINITE, that means until the ARMY gets sick of his ass) they can pretty much demand what they want and he has to comply.  So far the backlash from all of this is still minimal.  The Husband could have lost his Platoon Sgt (Plat Daddy) position because of this.  I know that he still can…but right now he is still there, not fired so to speak.  This could have affected my quest for a Secret Clearance…a lot more people could have seen this.  So I am grateful that this is restricted.  Thank God for that…

There will still be a Court Date that The Boy has to keep…and he WILL be getting Community Service.  Just one more slap at him to make sure he knows that stealing is wrong.  I hope they make him paint the rocks outside the post. Then when they are finished…make him scrub them and repaint them.  He needs something strenous to happen to him to make him regret ever stealing.  His priviledges are revoked for 6 months …so he won’t see the inside of ANY AAFES establishment until this Summer. 

I have 10 minutes before I leave this place and enjoy a 3 day weekend.  I need some time to clean the house and do my floors.  I am starting to believe that it is my children and my husband that are the Hurricanes that live in my house.  Before he came home my place was serene and orderly.  Now I am surprised when the house stays orderly for more than 24 hours.  My foot is going down this weekend and I have the perfect person to slave out…The Boy.  He may not have started his Community Service for the Army…but it has already begun in my little Casa.

I am about to leave here…if I get online at home I will be back later!

Cat Haiku…

I found this over at Bianca’s Blog and it sounds so much like Tequila I had to post this:

You never feed me. Perhaps I’ll sleep on your face. That will sure show you.
You must scratch me there!
Yes, above my tail! Behold, elevator butt.
The rule for today: Touch my tail, I shred your hand. New rule tomorrow.
In deep sleep hear sound cat vomit hairball somewhere will find in morning.
Grace personified. I leap into the window. I meant to do that.
Blur of motion, then — silence, me, a paper bag. What is so funny?
The mighty hunter Returns with gifts of plump birds — your foot just squashed one.
You’re always typing. Well, let’s see you ignore my sitting on your hands.
My small cardboard box. You cannot see me if I can just hide my head.
Terrible battle. I fought for hours. Come and see! What’s a ‘term paper?’
Small brave carnivores Kill pine cones and mosquitoes, Fear vacuum cleaner
I want to be close to you. Can I fit my head inside your armpit?
Wanna go outside. Oh, poop! Help! I got outside! Let me back inside!
Oh no! Big One has been trapped by newspaper! Cat to the rescue!
Humans are so strange. Mine lies still in bed, then screams; My claws are not that sharp
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