Things That I Love:

  1. I LOVE having a extra paycheck coming in. As much as I don’t want to do to work and as much as I was bitching that extra money is sure nice. I would be looking to take my life if it wasn’t for this job. The bills are all in except one and we are still good. That wouldn’t be the case if I didn’t take this position. So I am going to get ready for work…with a smile!
  2. I love my new spot on the web. The people that I want to read the blog have found me (I am so glad that you checked your messages Tatiana) and now I can be a little free with my posting. I wasn’t sure of my husband was reading the blog, but I know that some of my in-laws were. It just feels good to feel new again. Too much drama on the other blog and I was thinking about changing it anyway. So the domain expiring was a good thing…
  3. I love my kids although they act like their names are Hellfire (The Girl) and Damnation(The Boy) every now and again. They keep me on my toes and keep me young. Although one of the teens is about to lose their life if they don’t soon learn to stop talking when I am TALKING!
  4. I love my new kitty. Tequila has filled the void in my heart and believe it or not he is the friendliest cat in the whole world.
  5. As much as I bitch…I love my Husband. I obviously have to to stick around like I have…I know that it is not just being a glutton for punishment. He is acting like a human again….
  6. I love my new body…I don’t have the extra stomach laying next to me when I lie down on my side…my ass looks good in jeans…’nuff said! 😀
  7. I love the fact that I am cooking again. I was really starting to slack off with making dishes. As soon as I started to create in the kitchen again I felt like the cloud in my mind cleared up.
  8. I love being back in the States…I can talk to my Mom and Dad whenever I want and I am close to my brother. I like that I am close to K, his wife…
  9. I love that this YEAR is almost over and I can file this one away as a doozy. I try to look at things as a learning or growth experience. It was challenging and to be honest I can’t wait to see what 2006 brings…
  10. Finally…I LOVE that I decided to grit my teeth and move forward. It was far too easy for me to take my pills and ignore what is going on around me. I am thankful for the strength to soldier forward!

That is my list. I just had to get that out of my system. I talked to my Brother this morning and he made me laugh. Just like we did when we were children. It has been a long time since I had a full on laugh like that and it got me thinking. Life is a series of moments and whether I want to or not I will experience them. And typical of moments…they do pass. So I made it through this year and I feel like I am stronger because of it.

Now…I have to get ready for work or I will be late. The responsibility fairy came by and sprinkled some dust one me…I will email a post from work. Right now I have to doll up and smile for the soldiers.




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