Sniff Sniff…Cough Cough

So I am here at work…smiling and coughing.  Sniffing and pitching my guts every time I eat or smell something.  But I am here…making a paycheck.  I don’t think I will make it the whole day, People.  I haven’t been sick like this since June.  The two other people that work here are sick as well.  I think the Commissary is making all of us ill because we deal with people all day long.

On a better note…I feel better because my boss decided that she would take some time off and I won’t see her until Tuesday.  The one day that I decide that I am not bringing anything to read or anything to do.  Crap…

I am sipping on Theraflu (boy does that lemon stuff taste good…feels good) and drinking double shots of orange juice in an attempt to feel better.  The ladies in the office think that I am the one that is spreading the sickness…NOT!

I am starting to fade away (at work no less) so I will make myself busy getting some things off my desk.  I hope I am better to make a trip to Tucson.  I want to get Hellfire (The Girl) a gift certificate from Hot Topic.  That is the other part of her gift and I know that she will love it…. another benefit of working.  😀





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