I really hate when I am at work and the time seems like it will not move forward.  My boss decided to show up today (she was supposed to be off) so I am a little irritated about that.  What is really bothering me??


The children are on vacation and they are just sitting around not doing anything.  Whenever I pick up they do something in the time that it takes for me to go to work and come back…because the house is upset.  So now I want to take off some time so I can clean.  That is pissing me off because I shouldn’t have to do that.  I know that when I get home the house will look the same and they will be in the same place that they were in before I left.  I liked having my house in order.  I will fight this with everything that I have…if it means tossing their stuff outside…I will do that.  They have come downstairs and found all their crap on the lawn.  I figure they don’t want it…


I hate when I am all wool-gathered about these things.  It really seems the day will not move forward and basically every time my boss comes out of her office she irritates me.  I think I will call the kids and see what they are doing.  I can bet that they are either online or sleeping…




  1. Tatiana says:

    Since your “move” to a new location I could not find your blog!!! Thank you for leaving a link through commenting, as I have been missing you. 🙂
    Happy “cleaning” holidays!

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