The Voice mail has been set up and I hope I am understanding what I am reading. I hate when I am sick and on medication because I am not understanding what I am seeing…it is almost like the words do not make any sense. I will find out when someone calls if it is working.
So I worked out today. Did the Bootcamp and I went to the Gym. I still feel like crap, but not as bad as I did last night. I tried to post via email but I sent it to the wrong address…so I have no idea where my posts went. Someone out there is wondering why in the hell this woman is writing them these paragraphs. Kinda funny when you think about it.
I got the question again at work as to why I am not full time…I still cannot answer that question. I know that I am the only parttime secretary in all of DeCA…so I quess that makes me special. 😀
My husband swears to God I am trying to kill him with spices. Something that I made for Christmas (Pasta Jambalaya) has gotten spicier since it has had time to sit. Yep…that is how I am going to get him…by spices. Better than poison any day of the week and he is lucky I didn’t resort to poison when we were in Germany. All the bullshit that I was put through. I still have twinges of murderous anger every now and then but I keep that shit to myself. No need to bring up old shit…because it stinks.
Moving on from that unpleasant shit…
I am waiting for the Nyquil to take effect…I need to get some sleep. I have been tired lately and the 8 plus hours of sleep is feeling really good. I am going to read some of my dailies and I am hitting the sack.


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