Made a Gumbo…

…and I put my foot in it. That is something that I picked up from my Sister in Law on my husband’s side. I “put my foot” in it means it tastes good. Yes, It tastes good, but that is only because my mother taught me how. SHE puts her feet in everything. The one thing that I hate is making the Gumbo and not having anywhere to store it. Gumbo grows…and grows and grows. Now I have nothing to store it in and no place in the Fridge to put it. Damn. I still feel bad, actually I feel worse. but what are you gonna do?? I have a date with Nyquil tonight. Things will be better once I get that stuff in my system. I can’t call out tomorrow and besides I am only working 4 hours.
I am fading here so I will be back tomorrow….

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